Immersive Tango Experience in Medellin, Colombia (3 weeks)

21 Days, Multiple Departures

Immersive Tango Experience in Medellin, Colombia (3 weeks)
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Feel Colombian Sabor!

Immerse yourself in the vibrant rhythms of Latin America: Experience the flavorful essence of living with Sabor! Join our dynamic community and allow the infectious energy of Latin American culture to captivate you. Inspired by the joyful, warm-hearted, and sensual ambiance of Latin Americans, we are committed to embracing life with zest and enthusiasm. With origins in the dance traditions of Colombia and beyond, our community embodies the art of wholeheartedly embracing life and expressing ourselves through passionate dance.

So if you’re ready to make a move and experience latin flavor for yourself, come join us in Medellin, Colombia for an unforgettable time.

About The Host

We teach you holistically how to become a good dancer, including musicality, rhythm, reading your partner, body control, space awareness, style, AND dope moves.
There is no bible on how to teach dance, and the best dancers have learned from dozens of different teachers with unique perspectives. Using a personalized + adaptive teaching approach, we help you gain self-awareness of your own dancing and adapt the instruction as you progress and change.

Things to keep in mind