Italy's Bullet List Climbs

9 days

Italy's Bullet List Climbs
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Is it because biking on a climb is a challenge for us? Or perhaps biking along a climb takes us on a different rhythm, still personal and other than in our daily life? Or is it because climbing allows us to view the landscape from a larger perspective? Or because when we bike on the climb, at our rhythm, we enter meditation mode?​

Somehow, biking uphill connects us to the feeling of biking an epic ride.

We don't want to say that each climb is epic, though biking uphill gives us that small piece of feeling. The feeling may be about the bike ride itself and our personal experience.

It doesn't matter the bike ride you take - the Stelvio, the Agnel Passthe GiauMount Grappa, or any other epic bike ride -the point is you, your emotions, and the meaning of that experience for you.​

Indeed, biking big climbs like those in significant events such as The Giro or the Tour de France gives a special meaning to that experience regardless of our timing or speed.

This bike tour - Italy's bullet list climbs - is one of the best possible combinations of beautiful climbs you can enjoy in Italy due to their narrative and the landscapes.

The bike tour combines our usual support along each ride and the comfort of the charming accommodations that welcome you at the end of the rides. At the same time, each meal will refill your energies with the excellent food and wines of the local traditions adding value to the overall experience.

This trip aims to give you a memorable bike tour experience along with some of the most beautiful bike rides we may have in Italy. You might experiment much more; this is one of our selections.

The spirit of the trips is to enjoy the rides at your speed and give you a chance to test your legs at your own pace. None of our bike rides is a race; we know, however, that some riders will be faster than others and that each one likes to keep his/her own pace along the uphill rides; therefore, our way is to enjoy the ride and wait for the last riders at the summits to reconnect the group. Experience is all together! 

About The Host

We believe that cycling has several interpretations, everyone has his/her way of riding. Every bike ride is a story; every climb has something to say to you. Cycling during a climb makes you feel pain and at the same time, it makes you stronger and allows you a better knowledge of your soul.  It is not a matter of how fast you are to get to the peak or if you’ll be the first or the last one in the group. It’s the climb itself; it’s like going into a sort of mystic dimension where you are with and inside yourself.


Things to keep in mind