Level 1 Reiki Initiation and Yoga Retreat in Peru

4 Days, Multiple Departures

Level 1 Reiki Initiation and Yoga Retreat in Peru
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Join me, a Reiki enthusiast, for a journey of self-discovery as we explore this wonderful healing art and its amazing possibilities. With this modality, an emphasis is placed on the body's natural ability to heal itself. Dedicate four days to discover a new and delightful ability in yourself.

​Beth of Yummy Tasty blog explains so well: "Reiki is a spiritual healing art with its roots in Japanese origin. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means “Universal” and (Ki) which means “Life Energy”. So Reiki essentially means ‘guided life force energy.’ Reiki takes our hands-on-healing instinct and moves it a step further by opening a channel in the Reiki practitioner where life-force energy can move through their hands and reconnect to the recipient. The Reiki energy knows where to go and balances on every level (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual). There is no religion or belief system required to experience the benefits of Reiki — and they truly are limitless, since it operates on every level of well-being".

​​I invite you to partake in this Reiki retreat which consists of attunement to the first level of Reiki to learn to heal with your hands. Offer yourself the wonderful opportunity to learn and share the Usui Reiki system which is a simple, non-invasive healing system that balances the body's energy centers thus promoting healing. It is one of the easiest and most natural forms of holistic healing there is and anyone can be attuned to practice Reiki. It is a great way to begin your healer journey.

​Reiki is not taught in the usual sense; it cannot be learned from a book or self-taught but is transferred by the Reiki Master to the student through the attunement or initiation (attune means harmony and initiate means ceremony) process via a simple ceremony which is repeated at intervals over the course of the retreat.  The ability to channel Reiki is then with you for life and the more you work with it, the more you will be amazed at its inspiring power. 

​This 4-day / 3-night program is a wonderful all-inclusive option that offers you the opportunity to soak in Reiki and just "be" in order to become more in touch with this energy so that it can flow more freely through you and your life. 

​Two yoga and guided meditation sessions, delicious healthy vegan meals, an aromatic plant bath and free time to enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings will assist you in your Reiki attunement process.

​This program is for anyone who wishes to be introduced and attuned to Reiki in a calm and beautiful environment and in an intimate setting to receive personalized attention.

It is possible to gain your first level (out of three) in a short time. You will be able to channel Reiki healing to yourself and others before the end of this retreat! You will also learn many different ways to use Reiki in your daily life.

​The Reiki attunement is a special spiritual experience. Being a Usui Reiki Master, Johanne has the pleasure and privilege of initiating others to Reiki. The term "master" does not mean that one has suddenly become enlightened - it means that one is able to teach and attune others to the Reiki healing energy.  You are bound to appreciate this relaxed, enjoyable, and professional course.

During the retreat, the main emphasis is on practical experience so you may find your confidence in the amazing power of Reiki, and witness its life-changing potential. There will be great attention on you developing your own personal and individual skills, as well as your theoretical knowledge of Reiki. You will learn the hand positions of self-healing as well as techniques for treating others. You will also learn to channel energy to heal animals and any situation. Immensely versatile, Reiki can be applied to all aspects of life on a daily basis. 

​Plus, Johanne is committed to her students and offers support along your Reiki journey. You can count on Johanne to answer any questions or doubts you may have as you develop your Reiki practice after you leave. 

​Johanne would love to guide you on your Reiki journey.

Time is measured not by clocks but by moments!

About The Host


Hi there, I'm Johanne.​

I am a certified health coach, yoga instructor, Reiki master/teacher, wellness retreat leader, heart-based entrepreneur, and a lover of tropical climates, animals, and nature. I am a constant learner of subjects related to wellness and personal growth. Sharing my passions, meaningful connections and authentic conversations nourish me.

​I am devoted to empowering the health and wellness of others with the intent of helping them live their lives to the fullest. I believe everybody should have an advocate for their health and well-being.


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