New Moon Wishes: Mindfulness Exercises, Yoga and Rituals in Austria

4 Days, Multiple Departures

New Moon Wishes: Mindfulness Exercises, Yoga and Rituals in Austria
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About the event

Everything in life is energy. 

From the people we meet to the events that move us, energy flows in and through our bodies. If the flow of energy in the body is blocked, it can lead to physical and emotional problems. The yoga practice can help to maintain, activate and relax the flow of energy. 

With a mixture of asanas and pranayama, meditation and relaxation, yoga can help you to maintain or regain balance in life. The chakras offer valuable support.

During the retreat you will join in dynamic Yang Vinyasa Flow and meditative and opening Yin Yoga, you will get to know the 7 chakras (7 main energy centers) where they are, how they make themselves felt in our lives and how we can strengthen our connection to them, to lead a vital and healthy life.

The root chakra: for grounding

The Sacral Chakra: for joy

The solar plexus chakra: for your personality

The heart chakra: for love

The throat chakra: for your expressiveness

The Brow Chakra: for your soul

The Crown Chakra: for your self

Each unit is assigned to a chakra and the asanas (physical exercises) are adjusted accordingly in order to allow energy - prana or in the body to flow freely. Pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation (mindfulness) are part of the sessions.

In the time between the yoga units you can relax at the beautiful Weissensee or join activities planned for the group, such as hiking.

About The Host
Sonja Bloder and Kate Cameron

Sonja Bloder and Kate Cameron

I am a passionate yoga teacher, ritual, cocoa ceremony, and retreat leader and I teach regular yoga sessions in German and English.

My yoga journey started in California, where I lived and worked for several years.

The connection to myself and the world around me that I was able to experience during a yoga class made me come back to the mat day in and day out. The endless, wide, and healing stillness, arriving at myself, which I learned through yoga quickly developed into a passion that I wanted to share with the world.

​For me, new challenges and life-long learning are part of healthy well-being and a strong mind, which is why I travel to new countries several times a year, to educate myself in mindfulness and different yoga directions.

I have already been able to teach in yoga centers in North and Central America, Bali, South Africa, and Portugal, and regularly lead national and international yoga and mindfulness retreats and workshops at international festivals.

Co-facilitator Kate Cameron:

Kate Cameron is a yoga instructor, subconscious coach, and dreamwork expert.

*Dreams as the artwork of the subconscious mind*

In this workshop we will use information from your own subconscious to examine deeper wants and needs. We’ll examine this information, uncovering hidden messages from your inner world, and then use what we discover to create a piece of artwork to help tune in with and reconnect those deeper parts of self.

*Yoga Nidra + sound healing*

A group sound bath using tuning forks guides the energy systems of the body to self correct. By coming back into tune, the body is able to come back into balance with its own natural frequency to promote healing on a physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual level.