Off The Beaten Path Horse Riding Holiday in Sweden (5 Days)

5 Days, Multiple Departures

Off The Beaten Path Horse Riding Holiday in Sweden (5 Days)
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Opting for an extended journey with Icelandic horses in the mountains offers an ideal opportunity to explore the majestic landscapes. You'll bond with Icelandic horses, embark on thrilling adventures, commune with nature, gather around campfires, learn about Sami culture, and sleep in traditional Sami tents (lávvu). The focus remains on the horseback experience, riding, immersion in nature, weather resilience, and enjoying rustic cuisine far from the pressures of daily life. This excursion caters to riders seeking mountain vistas, solitude amidst nature's beauty, and a willingness to assist with camping tasks, embracing the rugged simplicity of outdoor living. Riding through varied terrain at different paces, including mountain slopes, swamp areas, and forests, adds to the adventure.

Nights are spent in Sami tepees, where fires provide warmth and meals are prepared over open flames, featuring regional delicacies like reindeer meat and locally caught fish. Participants share responsibilities, aiding each other with horses and camp duties, sometimes guiding the horses through challenging terrain. The journey typically covers 15-25 kilometers daily, ensuring a manageable pace for both riders and horses. Safety considerations include a maximum rider weight of 90 kg, a minimum age of 12 years, and provided riding helmets. Essential equipment lists, additional accommodation options, and transport arrangements are available upon booking, with shared transportation provided from the farm to the starting point.

About The Host
Mats Blind-Berg

Mats Blind-Berg

He is from this area with roots in Girjas Sami community, and active in Sami politics and the work of the community. Likes photography, when there is an opportunity for that.

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