Path of the Warrior: 108 Heroes Kung Fu Training in Thailand

127 Days, Multiple Departures

Path of the Warrior: 108 Heroes Kung Fu Training in Thailand
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If You Are Training For The First Time

Progress to the fourth level by passing 3 gradings.

Learn the first 4 tiger Crane routines, both Shuang Yang routines – freehand and cane, 2 chi kung systems, the 2 most essential Shaolin weapons – Tan Tow (Chinese broadsword) and staff and 1 of the more advanced weapons.

 Complete all 8 of our masterclasses, then advance to an exclusive class only for people who have achieved the third level or above.

Gain our Certificate of Competence: basic level.

Accompany us on our group excursions if you choose.

Begin your lifetime journey in Kung Fu.

If you have trained with us before:

Continue your Kung Fu journey, take yourself to the next level.


Challenge yourself physically and mentally.

Structured training program.

Complete the basic training of Kung Fu


Tiger – Crane Kung Fu: basic level 3 (the 13 immortals)

Certificate of Kung Fu competence: basic level

Either way, work on your self so that you are better able to support the people close to you. This is a very deep art! Soak up Master Iain’s teachings on the philosophy, history, culture, ethos and traditions of real Shaolin Kung Fu.

About The Host

When we set out to design the Kung Fu Retreat, we looked to make all of our dreams about a perfect Kung Fu, Chi Kung (Qi Gong) and Meditation school come to become reality. We spent many years choosing the ideal location then set about building a full time, residential school with all of the elements needed by serious students and teachers alike. We have been perfecting the Retreat over the last 15 years and, although we are constantly fine-tuning and improving, are now close to the ultimate Kung Fu venue.

Things to keep in mind