Surfing in Zanzibar (High Season)

8 Days, Multiple Departures

Surfing in Zanzibar (High Season)
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Surf Trips for all Levels
We surf different spots suited for all level surfers.

Wide Range of Gear
From beginner soft tops to shortboards and everything in-between, we got you covered.

Experienced Guides
Our experienced surf guides and surf instructors will ensure a safe and fun surfing experience in Zanzibar.

All inclusive
All our surf trips include a free shuttle, boat ride, gear rental, surf guiding or group surf lessons, Marine Park Entrance Fees, snacks & water

Why is Zanzibar still an unknown surf destination?

Waves in Zanzibar are not easy accessible, you can not surf all day long, winds and tides play a huge role in the quality of waves and the list goes on. Zanzibar as a surf destination has not yet peaked major interest because surf times are restricted and consistency is not guaranteed. The island archipelago of Zanzibar is also quite chancy for waves, which means the knowledge of where to go is an essential and surfing without a guide not really much of an option. Swell and wind directions are vital to get any form of decent wave to surf as well as tides and moon faze. Different sections on the reef break on different conditions and some are really worth the boat trip out for a surfing session and others not at all.

What else should I know about surfing conditions in Zanzibar?

Surfing lessons and surf trips need to be well timed, as surfing in Zanzibar is limited to 1.5 – 3 hours of good surf a day. The reason being are the big tidal changes on the island. Surfing lessons need to be timed to the pushing mid tide to get the beginner surf spot working at its best. The more advanced surfing spots start to work with the last hour of the dropping tide and best over low tide and the first push after the tides change but again this depends on the moon phase as the drop can have heavy currents.

So should you really choose Zanzibar as your next surfing destination? Yes and no. Yes for anyone who is a beginner up to low level intermediate who wants to learn and improve in a beautiful warm water destination with consistent beginner friendly conditions and no hustling huge crowds. Yes also to all the intermediate and advanced surfers who are chasing fun waves and good vibes and are up for a mix of surfing, relaxing and exploring holiday. No for all those who want to surf from morning till evening, have an easy accessible wave and can just grab a board and paddle out whenever they feel like.

About The Host

We offer top-class customer service and courses for Kite Surfing, Wave surfing, and Stand Up Paddle boarding as well as a friendly, welcoming atmosphere that represents the “Surfer” lifestyle. The team is made up of professional water men/women from Tanzania and all around the world with specialized skills and several languages to cater to a diverse clientele.

Things to keep in mind