Swimming Adventure Experience in Tasmania, Australia

Apr 24 to Apr 28, 2025

Swimming Adventure Experience in Tasmania, Australia
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Embark on a unique adventure designed to showcase the breathtaking beauty of Tasmania's North East while receiving personalized coaching to enhance your open-water swimming skills and boost confidence.

Our exceptional team, consisting of dedicated local guides and seasoned water safety experts, will ensure a fun, challenging, and safe experience.

Join us and immerse yourself in one of the planet's last untouched wilderness areas – an experience not to be missed!

Trip Highlights:

- Enhance water safety and confidence with specialized coaching
- Learn essential open-water swimming skills in small groups
- Improve swim fitness and adaptability
- Connect with swimmers of all ages and backgrounds
- Explore Tasmania's pristine East Coast wilderness
- Encounter unique marine environments and wildlife
- Enjoy adventurous swims and coastal views, accompanied by local delights and sauna relaxation

Trip Overview:

Duration: 5 days
Swimming: Explore at least 5 stunning locations. One swim offered on days 1 & 5, and two swims on days 2, 3 & 4. Customize your swimming experience based on your preferences.
Leisure Time: Ample time to relax, sightsee, and experience Tasmania's East Coast between swims.
Flexibility: Choose the amount of swimming you wish to do, with opportunities for relaxation and exploration throughout the journey.

About The Host

During your group trip with us, our dedicated leaders take on multifaceted responsibilities to ensure a well-rounded and enriching experience. Serving as itinerary navigators, they assist with travel logistics during the trip. In the water, their guidance is tailored to the group's skill level, leading swims that range from exploring swim trails to discovering coastal landscapes. Safety remains a top priority, with leaders implementing vigilant measures and protocols for a secure and enjoyable swim. Beyond logistics and safety, our leaders are instrumental in building a sense of community and fostering connections among participants and locals that extend beyond the trip. In essence, our leaders play a crucial role in setting the tone for each day's adventure, transforming your swim journey into a comprehensive and unforgettable swim trip experience.