Tai Chi Costa Rica Immersions

8 Days, Multiple Departures

Tai Chi Costa Rica Immersions
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Close your eyes and imagine you are doing Tai Chi on a pristine tropical beach. Your senses are filled with the sounds of crashing waves, screeching exotic birds, and howling monkeys. Slowly and deeply you inhale the fresh salt air and scent of plumeria blossoms. The sun and ocean breeze gently caress your skin. Surrounded by lush green mountains, tropical rainforest, and awe-inspiring sunsets. You experience a level of relaxation and energy that you never felt before. Now open your eyes... You are not dreaming.

We focus exclusively on private one-on-one and small group retreats, to guarantee you the highest quality of personalized Tai Chi instruction.

Are you looking for a safe and effective method to relieve chronic pain and illness?
Are you searching for the best form of exercise to maintain superior health and fitness for life?
Would you like to feel more calm, relaxed, and centered, but don’t know where to begin?
If you answer “yes” to these questions, you are the perfect candidate for a Taichi Costa Rica Retreat!

What to expect during your Tai Chi Costa Rica Retreat

In your retreat, you will:
Develop a strong body and calm mind
Learn how to “let go” of tension
Build self confidence
Achieve vibrant health for life
Restore joint mobility
Significantly raise your energy level
Reverse the “normal” aging process
Attain powerful concentration

Topics covered:
What is Tai Chi?
Intention: The Key to Success in Tai Chi
How to Align Your Body with Gravity
Tai Chi Breathing Method
Tai Chi Stances and Footwork
Single and Double Hand Silk Reeling
Introduction to the Tai Chi Solo Form
How to Practice at Home

About The Host
Dr. Robert Bacher

Dr. Robert Bacher

Dr. Bob Bacher has 55 years of experience with tai chi, qigong, meditation, karate, and yoga. He received the highest level training in Chen Family Village, China (tai chi’s historical birthplace) under the strict guidance of Grandmaster Wang Xi’an.

At fifteen, he fell in love with health and martial arts. Since then, both of these subjects have deeply influenced his life.

Martial arts eventually took him to Chen Family Village, China (the historical birthplace of tai chi) to study tai chi with the 19th generation lineage Grandmaster Wang Xi'an. After years of intensive training he gave him his blessing to teach Chen style tai chi in the West.

He practices and teaches tai chi and healthy living every day with the same enthusiasm and joy as the day he started. These are extraordinary tools to reverse and eliminate chronic disease and pain, build lifelong vibrant health, and cultivate peace of mind.


Things to keep in mind