Transformative Yoga Retreat in Malaga Spain (8 Days)

8 Days, Multiple Departures

Transformative Yoga Retreat in Malaga Spain (8 Days)
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We encourage you to disconnect from the world and learn to be comfortable ‘just being’ yourself. No social or work pressures as you disappear into a world of movement, relaxation and pampering. With two Yoga sessions and meditation every day, 7 days a week, you will feel yourself walking taller, leaner and confidently.

This Yoga Retreat, nestled in the serene landscapes of Spain, places a profound emphasis on the art and essence of Yoga. Through the integration of mindful breathing techniques, invigorating exercises, and meditation, our retreat seeks to facilitate a transformative journey. Our belief is that Yoga serves as a potent catalyst for improving both physical health and emotional well-being by reorienting the mind away from the burdens of daily stressors.

Yoga, in its purest form, is an exquisite manifestation of energy flow. It extends from the rhythmic movements of our bodies to the expansiveness of our minds and influences how we engage with the world around us. It encourages us to exude kindness, patience, and respect, shaping our interactions and energy dissemination. This harmonious transformation originates from our commitment to breath awareness, mindfulness, and the cultivation of gratitude.

Our seasoned instructors offer an array of yoga practices, encompassing Vinyasa and Hatha yoga, within intimate group settings. This intentional limit on class size ensures each participant receives personalized attention and continuous support, both on and off the yoga mat.

Whether you’re a novice, intermediate practitioner, or an expert, our Yoga Retreat is thoughtfully designed to provide respite from the demands of modern life and facilitate a profound reconnection with your inner self. Our approach is gentle and considerate, prioritizing your comfort and security as you explore both movement and mindfulness.

We invite you to join this enriching Yoga Retreat, where you’ll leave feeling lighter, grounded, and deeply at peace with yourself and the world around you.

What is a Yoga Retreat and what can I expect?

A Yoga Retreat is a purposeful escape to a tranquil setting, where yoga, mindfulness, and wellbeing take center stage. Expect to immerse yourself in daily yoga sessions led by experienced instructors, cultivate mindfulness through meditation, and savor nourishing, healthy meals. Beyond yoga and meditation, retreats often offer opportunities for personal growth, holistic healing, and connecting with like-minded individuals in a supportive community. With a focus on relaxation, self-discovery, and a break from digital distractions, a yoga retreat promises a rejuvenating and transformative experience amidst serene natural surroundings.

Benefits of doing a Yoga Retreat

You can always just include Yoga in your daily fitness routine. The main benefit of going on a Yoga Retreat is to take a short break from the stresses of the world and to reconnect with your inner self. To not have to rush from work to your Yoga class and rush home again to cook dinner for your family. A Yoga Retreat is time for yourself, to find your passions again and recharge your mind to take on every day challengers with patience and grace. 

Here are a few reasons why Yoga is so good for you: 

Improved Flexibility, Strength and Posture

Yoga helps to stretch and tone your body muscles. There is a misconception you have to be super flexible to do Yoga- at Shanti-Som we aim to show our guests that Yoga can be practised and enjoyed at all levels of ability with the singular aim to strengthen our bodies. Slowly guests can see improvement and gradual loosening so that once impossible poses now become possible. Then you will notice the aches and pains disappear.

Strong muscles protect us from conditions like arthritis and back pain.

Daily Yoga helps improve posture and you will soon feel you walk taller and sit up straighter.

Yoga prevents cartilage and joint breakdown as it helps take your joints through a full range of motions.

Yoga poses require movement backwards and forwards, with many twists which help to keep the spinal disks supple.

Weight Loss

Gentle Yoga positions fuel the metabolic system and help burn fat leading to weight loss. Daily Yoga also strengthens the mind-body connection which is important to deal with emotions that are related to issues such as using food to suppress feelings.

Improved Fitness

If going to the gym and huffing and puffing with weights is not your idea of a fun workout then Yoga can give all that a gym can but in a peaceful, safe and holistic way. Yoga is a combination of cardio and strength training.

Reduced Stress

Studies have shown that Yoga can help regulate the heart  rate variability which means the heart rate is generally lower, giving the body the ability to handle stress more effectively. It has shown that cortisol levels become significantly lower after practising Yoga which results in lower levels of stress, anxiety and depression.

Increase in Energy and Immunity

Practicing some Yoga positions each day helps to awaken the main energy centers (chakras) in your body and to circulate the blood flow, open the chest and encourage you to take in more breath.

Yoga helps you focus: Yoga practice improves coordination, reaction time and memory as it focuses us on the present.

Boosts your immune system: meditation appears to have a beneficial effect on the immune system, boosting it when needed.

About The Host

The importance of taking time out from everyday life and focusing solely on yourself was becoming apparent with more and more people experiencing burnout and anxiety. The idea behind evolved from this growing need for people to slow down and just be themselves without the daily stresses, responsibilities, and rush of everyday life.

We intend to bring Asia’s essence to Europe without the 12+ hour plane journey to get there. Inspired by a trip to Indonesia, the owner has taken ideas from Bali in both the architecture and the peaceful, relaxed nature of its people. We don’t rush or have busy schedules and our team of staff are warm and welcoming.


Things to keep in mind