Tuscany and Elba Island Bike Trip

8 days

Tuscany and Elba Island Bike Trip
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Tuscany is one of those places in the world where you are a part of perfection and harmony. This trip will let you bike through picturesque landscapes and romantic villages and is an opportunity to enjoy the amazing flavors of this region. Tuscany and Elba Island's Ride Your Life Tour puts you in touch with inland Tuscany and the main island of its archipelago. The bike tour offers a beautiful balance of biking through the UNESCO hills in the Siena and Chianti area and the refreshing
feeling of biking overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. Biking through the Tuscany hills and the picturesque medieval villages included in the routes is a unique experience, where history and the beauty of the landscape are linked together while moving on the island gives you the sense of a different pace of time.

Elba Island is known as "Napoleon's Island" due to his exile between May 1814 and February 1815. Napoleon was nominally sovereign of Elba, although the French and British navies patrolled the nearby sea. During his exile, he carried out a series of economic and social reforms to improve the quality of life.

A guided walking tour will give you a deeper connection with the place, and visiting the Napoleon house is an opportunity to learn more about his personality. The island has a strong identity thanks to its lush nature and beautiful west-facing corners from which you can enjoy beautiful sunsets! It has a unique history, and the rides offer breathtaking views. The two parts of the trip are connected and are the perfect ingredients to make this tour memorable.


Enjoy the beauty of the UNESCO Siena's hills

Discover Tuscan ancient villages

Pedal through narrow and quiet country roads

Sample local recipes and famous great wines

Visit Siena, one of the most famous Italian towns, with Fernanda our local guide

Pedal costal and inland panoramic roads in Elba island

Enjoy the renovated Tuscan olive oil

About The Host

We believe that cycling has several interpretations, everyone has his/her way of riding. Every bike ride is a story; every climb has something to say to you. Cycling during a climb makes you feel pain and at the same time, it makes you stronger and allows you a better knowledge of your soul.  It is not a matter of how fast you are to get to the peak or if you’ll be the first or the last one in the group. It’s the climb itself; it’s like going into a sort of mystic dimension where you are with and inside yourself.


Things to keep in mind