UltraSwim Experience in Montenegro

4 Days, Multiple Departures

UltraSwim Experience in Montenegro
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This concept includes the idea that swimmers from the same continent at least can compete and enjoy the event without taking more than a long weekend out of their schedule.

So we’ve tried to choose venues that are not too difficult to get to (there are some amazing places to swim that we have to ignore on this point alone), that allow you to travel at the last minute, register, and warmup swim Thursday late afternoon, nail 4 amazing days of swimming and friendship building, celebrate on Monday lunchtime and be back home Monday night. Of course, you can instead chill, and enjoy the amazing venues we go to before and after too…

Swim a distance of 33.3km spread over 4 days in a timed event format, point to point, in adventure swim mode (we hate laps!), with up to 200 other like-minded swimmers from all over the world.  World Class safety wrapper, premium support services and super high-quality hotels - you will feel like a pro-swimmer! Open to swimmers of all levels of experience in the open water - cutoff times based on 2km/h. SOLO or DUO RELAY format (split the distance with a friend).

Swimming conditions?

At the end of the summer season, with its shorter days and variable weather, it can throw anything at us - from summer like afternoon heat with flat calm to more stormy conditions for us to navigate safely around. Depending on the weather conditions (which can be absolutely stunning in October), the water temperature could easily still be 21-22C or more in places, but equally expect some colder sub-20C patches down to 18C and occasional but isolated cold springs popping up from below. Take the wetsuit in case if you’re in doubt (no anti-wetsuit ethos, you’ll be in a majority, but for swimmers in skins you’ll be at ease in the conditions for sure.

A start line inside a giant ‘blue’ cave, a full loop of an old prison island, rugged coastline swimming with turquoise bays, and flat calm dark fjord waters - there is plenty of everything in Montenegro! Expect some early morning starts, watching the sun rise as you head out on our transfer boats.

And if you have more time, before or after.... our recommendation: spend a night or two in Montenegro, in the Black Mountains or The Fjords of Kotor Bay or travel back to Dubrovnik and enjoy the historic city.

Things to keep in mind