Weight Loss Retreat and Fitness Camp in Majorca, Spain

Apr 6 to Apr 13, 2024

Weight Loss Retreat and Fitness Camp in Majorca, Spain
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Nestled amidst the serene landscapes of Majorca, our holistic fitness camp offers a rejuvenating retreat set within the tranquil ambiance of a traditional Majorcan Villa. Surrounded by verdant gardens and sprawling grounds, the villa boasts two inviting swimming pools, providing ample opportunities for relaxation and recreation. Steeped in history, the estate dates back to the 18th century, exuding old-world charm and character, while seamlessly blending modern comforts to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay for our guests.

Step into the elegant interiors of the villa and be transported to a bygone era, where rustic authenticity meets contemporary convenience. Adorned with original features and architectural details, each corner of the villa tells a story of its rich heritage, offering a glimpse into Majorca's cultural legacy. Despite its historic allure, the villa is equipped with modern amenities and facilities, providing guests with all the comforts of home during their stay.

Whether lounging by the poolside, exploring the scenic surroundings, or engaging in invigorating fitness activities, our holistic fitness camp offers a sanctuary for rejuvenation and wellness. Immerse yourself in the tranquil atmosphere of the estate, where the timeless beauty of Majorca's countryside merges seamlessly with the modern comforts of our charming villa, promising an unforgettable retreat experience for all who seek solace and serenity amidst nature's embrace.

Full List Of Massage Therapies

Two Outdoor Swimming Pools

Palma City Cathedral Walk With City Sightseeing

Scenic North Majorcan Beach Walk With Beach Workout

Local Mountain Walk For All Fitness Levels

Traditional Majorcan Villa With Extensive Grounds

Award Winning FitFarms Weight Loss And Fitness Programme

Free Aftercare Support Programme Delivered By ITV Good Morning Health Guru

About The Host

Our team has been chosen not only for their advanced weight loss and fitness qualifications but also for their personal skills. We are particularly strong in nutrition and psychology.


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