Wellness Muay Thai & Western Boxing in Thailand (8 Days)

8 Days, Multiple Departures

Wellness Muay Thai & Western Boxing in Thailand (8 Days)
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Wellness – A strive for health
Well-being and mindfulness are becoming more and more recognized as essential ways of balancing our sometimes hectic, modern-day lives. At our gym, we offer yoga, meditation, countryside walks, Thai massage treatments, and some enjoyable day trips for you to do just that.

A Great Health, Detox and Fitness Resort

This Muay Thai camp in Thailand has been designed to offer you all that you need to reset from the stresses of modern-day life. It’s medically proven that being surrounded by nature, eating a healthy nutritious diet, moving more and sleeping well are the magic ingredients for good health and wellbeing. Luckily at our camp, you get the perfect Detox Retreat in Thailand that you’ve been looking for.

You’ll start your programme with our five-day “Raw Fest” (optional may not be suitable for all guests.) This allows the colon to rest by removing a complex diet and providing natural energy and vitamins from raw foods. After five days your body will be ready to start enjoying our fresh Thai food packed with heaps of nutrition.

Here, at our detox retreat in Thailand, you get to enjoy a wide variety of activities such as yoga and meditation classes available seven days a week, we offer Yin, Restorative, Hatha, and Vinyasa, as well as full moon yoga and meditations. There are stunning countryside hikes, swimming trips and of course our traditional Muay Thai and western boxing sessions and CrossFit.

Explore & Discover | Detox with Nature

At our Thai Fitness Camp, We love to take our guests off exploring as we have many local temples that are simply stunning, there’s monkey and fish feeding, beautiful views, and amazing architecture to be seen. Temple visits are four times a week during which our yoga teacher will conduct a short guided meditation.

The local markets are a hive of activity and great fun to explore and shop for souvenirs and gifts. Our Friday night market tour continues to be one of our most popular events.

Enjoy free massage treatments, complimentary mountain bike hire and a weekly training session with one of our Muay Thai instructors as part of our All-Inclusive Wellness Package. Take a look at our Training & Activities page for more information.

Our Training Style
We structure our training so that everyone gets one on one time with our Muay Thai or boxing coaches. This includes being trained by expert professionals who use their years of practical knowledge for you to get the most out of your time spent here. Muay Thai and Western boxing is twice a day, 6 days per week, and incorporates a mixture of bodyweight exercises for all-around fitness. You will also have unlimited access to the Gym facilities and our weight training gym. There is also a Sunday afternoon Muay Thai / Western boxing class.

Sunday Gym Excursion
Join us on our "Gym Excursion" where we take you for a very special day out to meet our English Speaking monk to learn teachings of Buddha and join him in a guided meditation.

Shakti Shala, Yoga, Mediation & Temples
Shakti Shala is the perfect place to connect body and mind. We offer daily classes with a variety of styles, please be sure to read through our schedule and class descriptions. During down time you can relax in our hammocks, take a nap or read. Meditation is a big part of Buddhist life so we offer many opportunities for you to practice meditation throughout the week. We may take you to one of our local temples, a countryside walk, or jungle waterfall and our yoga teacher will guide you through a meditation.

Noi’s Café
Our chef serves up wholesome Thai food comprising of two or three different dishes accompanied with rice, salads and vegetables. A healthy lunch is provided with fresh salads, seasonal fruits and sandwiches. Thai food is one of the tastiest and healthiest foods around the world and here in the farmland it’s even more nutritious. All the fresh food is carefully selected and bought from the local markets every morning. For a weight loss boost and digestive system reboot we offer a 5 day raw detox at the start of your stay, this is completely optional.


Our camp is loaded with awesome hi-speed wifi that comes to you free of charge. If you have to work while you play you will have no problems with downloading large files, streaming movies, or catching up with family and friends over Skype.

It’s not about us

Our secret ingredient is you, our guests, everyone is there for a similar reason and it makes for this wonderful and supportive environment that is fun and engaging. Expect to meet people from all walks of life! So if you are looking for adventure with no other tourists around in an unexplored area of Thailand with our Thai farming family then we are the right camp for you. We look forward to welcoming you. Best wishes from us all.

About The Host

Our family first started the muay thai gym in order to open up a new part of Thailand, untouched by tourism, where guests from all over the world could join us to experience a traditional Thai way of life, enjoy the rich countryside deep in the heart of Thailand rather than it’s popular coastlines, all while they worked on their health, fitness, martial art skills or their wellness goals.


Things to keep in mind