Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Switzerland

4 Days, Multiple Departures

Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Switzerland
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Let us transport you there for a moment. Imagine a small designer hotel that smells of wood and is set right in the mind-blowing Alpine landscape.

You open the window and invite into the room a tantalising fragrance of wild herbs and fir trees. You nap to the sound of the birdsong as a soundtrack. You practice yoga in a room with an Alpine view to die for.

Your body feels stronger and more toned as you practice yoga twice a day and spend hours outdoors. Your mind is both sharper and softer - the unique effect of regular meditation. You know you are taking care of yourself the best possible way.

If this sounds like you, we've been waiting for you. Join us to experience yoga in the Alps - a place where time stops and nature is all there is.

This yoga retreat is designed for all levels of practitioners including beginners (you'll be asked to practice prior to the retreat), intermediate, and experienced practitioners. During this retreat, you will have an opportunity to experience a variety of approaches to hatha yoga, from elemental vinyasa flow to peaceful hatha with a therapeutic quality as well as a myriad of supportive practices including myofascial release technique and resistance training targeting stabilizing muscles.

Program components of this yoga retreat

Elemental vinyasa flow

Alignment based hatha yoga

In-depth self-myofascial release techniques

Restorative flow

Yin yoga

Pranayama / breath work

Seated meditation - guided and self-guided

Restful yoga nidra (yoga sleep) meditation in savasana

All sessions will be adapted to the participants in the room. You will receive guidance on how to modify poses and lots of individualized attention.

Mountain Saunas

In a cozy spa of our chalet hotel you'll be able to enjoy a variety of mountain saunas (Finnish, Bio, Infrared) and a cozy relaxation area.

Infrared sauna is amazing for deep muscular relaxation and tissue detox - an excellent add-on to our yoga programme!

About The Host


A psychologist and have been leading retreats and teacher trainings for over 10 years. I have a strong background in both technical and therapeutic aspects of yoga and meditation and over 16 years experience of teaching yoga and meditation.


Things to keep in mind