Intense Surf Experience in Maldives (8 Days)

8 Days, Multiple Departures

Intense Surf Experience in Maldives (8 Days)
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Best time to surf in Maldives is during the months of March to October when Southern Hemisphere winter brings swell to the reefs of archipelago.

Maldives has a confirmation of three distinct atolls as identified by local surfers, northern atolls where famous breaks such as Cokes Chickens and Jails are located. The central atolls which attracts medium swell making it fun for intermediates and the advanced. The Southern atolls attracts bigger swells, and works best during North-East monsoon (from March until April).

The biggest of swell arrive in June, July and August during which the wind stays light off shore most day and water becomes crystal clear.

The shapes of waves in the Maldives roll up like a point break with steeper take-offs, rippable pockets, and usually 300 – 500 meter rides, making this place ideal for intermediate to advanced surfers. 

The atoll we are lucky to be located in ; Meemu, is a surfers paradise. There are 5  breaks for intermediate and advanced levels of surfers.

The island which hosts home to our retreat, Mulah has two main breaks. A seven minute walk from the door of our camp will lead you through a tropical coconut jungle on to an empty cover beach where you will see the Mulah right and left. 

Pits Right (Mulah Point)

Mulah right hander is a right hand point break which has a steeper take off on low tide days, but really fun easy take off on the high tide.  it’s about a 200 meter ride with tube or steep pocket on low tide. If you’re an intermediate surfer, you will enjoy this on mid to high tide to challenge your take off, improve your positioning and reading the wave, speeding down the line, and making carves. 

The paddle out to the line up is a rather rather shallow reef at low tide. 

Pits A-frame

 This is another peak in the same channel as Mulah right. A short punchy left hander which  will allow you to be tubed for few seconds before it closes out on the reef. The right hander is longer with more mellow take-off and face than Mulah  right.

Pits junior break is where the island kids learn to surf. A ripple like wave which is a continuation of Pits A frame wave reforming on the reef lagoon. 


Muli is our neighbor island which is only 10 minutes by a boat ride from Mulah jetty. Located on the East side of Muli island, so it picks up more swell. It’s a right hand point break with easy entry and exit. It can be barreling in the right conditions. Described as one of the most consistent breaks in Maldives.

Formula 1 (F1)

Off the northern tip of Muli island, this fast right needs a bit of swell and a southwest wind to be at its barrelling best. Long, hollow, shallow at some points but finishes in deeper water. Annually, Maldives Surf Association  holds a competition here in the month of May.

Veyvah (Playgrounds)

On the north side of the channel off Vevah island, this fun lefthander is good for intermediate surfers.  Easy take off goes into a long wall of 300 meters that can tube nicely in the right conditions.

It’s ideal for intermediate level surfers. From Mulah jetty, it’s only a 5 minutes by boat. Works best from early March until mid November as it can work with most winds from the north. Best in S/E swells and westerly winds and can hold up to 10 feet. The best swell size however is 3 – 5 feet.

Other breaks

While the home spots in our island works consistently throughout the surfing season, if you’re up for exploring and a bit of adventure, there are many other breaks in the central atolls. Thaa and Laamu Atolls in the central region have been increasing in popularity as surfers look to escape the northern crowds. 

Although the central atolls don’t get the same kind of size as the Male Atolls, its breaks continue the Maldivian tradition of providing consistent surf and pristine barrels. Medium-sized waves are as abundant and perfect as you could ask for. 

Some of the stand-out spots at Thaa Atoll include Malik’s, Finnimas, Outside Mikado, and Inside Mikado. Laamu Atoll has a few better known spots including Ying Yang, Refugee’s Lefts, and Refugee’s Rights. Most of these waves are fast and has different sections, with the kind of speedy barrels that force you to burn down the line trying to make the section.

About The Host

Our team is made up of one of the friendliest nationalities in the world.

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