Zen Ayurveda Yoga Slimming Retreat Retreat in Bali, Indonesia (8 Days)

8 Days, Multiple Departures

Zen Ayurveda Yoga Slimming Retreat Retreat in Bali, Indonesia (8 Days)
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Discover a holistic approach to wellness, tailored to your specific needs. Our comprehensive slimming packages draw upon ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, encompassing therapies for the body, mind, and spirit. Through a combination of targeted treatments, sunrise and sunset yoga, meditation sessions, cultural and nature excursions, and invigorating walks, you'll embark on a journey toward gentle yet effective weight loss.

Our approach focuses on detoxification, diet, and spiritual well-being, all while experiencing the nurturing and dedicated services of our Ayurveda spa, yoga, meditation, and nutrition teams. You'll be guided by experts who are committed to your holistic transformation. At the heart of our programs lies the profound wisdom of Ayurveda, ensuring that you not only achieve your weight loss goals but also find a renewed sense of vitality and contentment.

During your retreat, our Yoga and Spa therapists and nutrition, diet, and detox experts will be available for personal wellness and lifestyle consultations including dosha and constitution assessment as well as personal development and emotional wellbeing. Note that your selected Stress Releases program will be adapted during your stay in line with your progress and your personal well-being objectives.

We would recommend that you take the opportunity to spend at least an hour daily visiting our on-site Shinrin Yuko Forest Therapy facility stretching over some 7 Hectares. This will strengthen your immunity, as well as enhance your vitality to rejuvenate and de-stress. The facility comprises ancient trees to hug, free-flow natural mineral water ponds to rejuvenate in, strolling through our  Organic Regenerative farm, Hiking through Rice fields, Vineyard, Mango-Coconut-Cocoa Plantation, and Natural forest, all alive with birds, bees and butterflies to be admired from a number of traditional treetop observation posts and a Bamboo Forest Yoga-Meditation Platform, over-looking rice fields and the Sea of Bali beyond.

About The Host

Our vision is to create holistic wellness resorts that empower guests with knowledge and means to achieve harmony with their body, mind, and soul through healthy nutrition, balanced physical, mental, and spiritual exercise, wellness therapies as well and  recreational activities. We draw upon vast experiences of traditional practices from around the world – including Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, pranayama, naturopathy, acupuncture as well as mindfulness, emotional wellbeing, and creative rehabilitation and integrate them with modern healthcare systems.


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