Top Wellness Trips Off the Beaten Path in 2023 and 2024

Feel like taking a step back from life’s busy demands and putting your best foot forward on the path to wellness? Waking up in a luxurious hotel to a nutrient-packed breakfast of local delights before limbering up with yoga and then hitting the mountain trails or the ocean’s waves is a great way to escape the madding crowds and give your mental and physical health a boost. From trail running to surf camps, and from kitesurfing to horse riding, there’s an ideal wellness trip that can help you start your fulfilling journey along the path to wellness and a better you...

Ski, Fitness & Yoga Retreat In Chamonix, France

The Mont Blanc Valley sits at the junction of the borders between France, Italy, and Switzerland and is surrounded by some of Europe’s most notable mountain peaks. Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps and Western Europe, dominates the skyline and ensures constant breath-taking views.

The Ski, Fitness, & Yoga Retreat in Chamonix begins each day with yoga classes and HIIT workouts before heading out to hike or ski the spectacular slopes. The package includes four nights of luxury accommodation and several delicious and nutritious meals, as well as airport transfers and endless scenic views across Europe’s most famous alpine landscapes.

Surf, Yoga, Fitness & Adventure in Siargao, Philippines

The teardrop-shaped island of Siargao, in the Philippine Sea, is known as the surfing capital of the Philippines and was recently selected as the ‘Best Island in Asia’ by Condé Nast readers. The island’s east coast faces out towards the mighty Pacific Ocean and is blessed with crystal-clear waters, world-class waves, and endless laidback vibes.

The eight-day Surf, Yoga, Fitness & Adventure Retreat in Siargao combines daily sunrise meditations, surf sessions and coaching in small groups, and post-surf restorative yoga with all the delights of tropical island living. The package includes seven nights in a luxurious boutique villa, healthy daily meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and refreshments, and unlimited coffee, tea, and water, as well as your surf instruction and video analysis back at the villa.

Fitness & Yoga Retreat In The Maldives

The Maldives is synonymous with luxurious living, and its myriad idyllic atolls and islands are surrounded by gin-clear waters and pristine coral reefs that provide food and shelter to some of the ocean’s largest fish: whale sharks and manta rays. The week-long Fitness & Yoga Retreat in the Maldives will see you begin each day with a yoga session on the white-sand beach before you head out for daily coean-based activities.

Paddling between private islands and through fish-filled lagoons, with some of the world’s best snorkeling along the way, is a great way to escape the madding crowds. Conservation talks by marine biologists will allay any fears about the whale sharks and manta rays (they are both plankton eaters!), and daily ocean kayak and paddleboard sessions will get the blood pumping and invigorate your soul.

Kilimanjaro Hiking Adventure Retreat

An early morning hike to stand on the roof of Africa, Kilimanjaro’s impressive summit, will leave you breathless in more ways than one. The peak, Africa’s highest and one of the famed Seven Summits, requires a strength-sapping hike across scree slopes, and as soon as you get your breath back, the views across the plains below will take it away again.

Reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro on the Hiking Adventure Retreat requires no climbing skills but does require a good level of fitness. Each day will feature stunning walks along the Umbwe Route in the company of The Lion King’s cast members, including giraffes, elephants, Cape buffalos, zebras, and warthogs. With four to five hours of walking on often steep terrain each day, your physical fitness will improve, and the feat of standing on top of Africa’s highest point will undoubtedly make this a trip you will never forget.

Paradise Fitness & Yoga Retreat In Eleuthera, The Bahamas

Turquoise waters, pink-sand beaches, and swimming pigs may not seem like the usual cast-list for a tropical vacation, but this is not a typical tropical vacation. The Paradise Fitness & Yoga Retreat in Eleuthera takes place over seven sun-kissed days in the balmy Bahamas and offers a mix of fast-paced workouts to get your heart racing and downtime relaxing on private pink-sand beaches.

The retreat also features a trip to see the famous swimming pigs of the Exumas and includes seven days’ accommodation in a plush Caribbean beach house. Daily fitness and yoga classes will help prepare you for days spent SUP boarding, kayaking, and snorkeling from idyllic beach to idyllic beach...

Kitesurfing In Watamu, Kenya

Watamu, sandwiched between the greens of the Arabuko Sokoke National Park and the endless blues of the Indian Ocean, is the perfect place for an unforgettable kite holiday in paradise. The 12-day Kitesurfing In Watamu Retreat puts kitesurfing center stage but also features daily body and mind workouts, healthy-living talks, as well as empowerment activities and personal development workshops.

Your daily guided kitesurfing sessions will be followed by group progression coaching, and the package also includes 11 nights’ accommodation in a beach-front villa. With crystal-clear water and great wind conditions, you will have the opportunity to work on your techniques and practice a few tricks under the watchful eye of a seasoned kitesurfing coach.

9-Day Running Adventure In Japan

From the hustle and bustle of the first night in Tokyo to the serenity of Kyoto’s bamboo forests, the nine-day Running Adventure in Japan will allow you to take in the unique Japanese culture while enjoying stunning views of Mount Fuji and working on your physical fitness.

When not pounding the trails, you can explore tranquil temples and experience high-speed travel aboard the infamous bullet trains. The daily runs will cover between five and twelve kilometers and include a mixture of point-to-point and loop runs through varying terrains, with occasional gut-busting inclines to enjoy!

Wellbeing & Dance Retreat In Ibiza

The Spanish island of Ibiza is well known for the energetic nightlife and electronic dance music club scene of San Antonio, but its many quieter corners allow for peaceful relaxation in a stunning Mediterranean setting. From the salsa to the Argentine tango, the Wellbeing & Dance Retreat in Ibiza will have you enjoying a different style of dancing as you focus on improving your physical agility and balance.

No matter your current abilities, daily morning and evening dance workshops and private lessons with professional dancers will improve your dancefloor skills, and relaxed evening social dancing allows for practice with your new friends-for-life and dance partners.

Yoga, Hiking & Mineral Baths In Iceland

Mosfellsbær, known simply as ‘Mosó’ to friends, sits twelve kilometers to the east of Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavík, and is blessed with excellent walking trails and footpaths among the region’s geothermal springs and pools. The Yoga, Hiking & Mineral Baths Retreat takes place over six days and features morning meditation and yoga practice, followed by superb hikes and nightly yoga nidra sessions.

The retreat package includes five nights’ accommodation and twice-daily yoga classes, with yoga mats and props available on site. Highlights include a trek to the impressive Glymur waterfall and a reinvigorating soak in the Hvammsvík Hot Springs. Iceland is known as the ‘Land of Fire & Ice,’ and its volcanoes and unique geology make for stunning views along the trails.

Diving & Yoga In Dahab, Egypt

Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula is a favored destination among European scuba divers, offering year-round clear waters and world-class marine life encounters a short flight from Europe’s major cities. Aside from scuba diving, the peaceful seaside town is a Mecca for kitesurfers, and the deep waters mere yards from the shoreline are perfect for budding freedivers to look within and push their limits.

The week-long Diving & Yoga Retreat in Dahab features early morning yoga sessions by the sea before you choose your daily ocean-based activities. The package includes accommodation and healthy food options three times per day, as well as watersports instruction over the six days.

Fitness & Yoga Retreat In The Atlas Mountains, Morocco

The nine-day Fitness & Yoga Retreat in the Atlas Mountains allows you to experience the vibrancy of Marrakech before heading out to the serentity of the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert. Morning HIIT and yoga sessions will start each day, and mobility classes, more workouts, and Atlas treks will keep the blood pumping throughout the day.

After six days in the mountains, you’ll head south to explore the Sahara on quad bikes, sand boards, and on foot before heading back to Marrakech. When not burning calories, you can take in the epic views of the High Atlas and the sweeping red dunes of the Saharan sunsets, or simply kick back and enjoy the sumptuous Berber hospitality.

Sacred Adventure 10-Day Group Retreat, Peru

Few locations on the planet have captured the human imagination in the same way Machu Picchu has. The famed 15th-century Inca ruins, high in the Eastern Cordillera range within the Andes, have drawn visitors from across the globe and are shrouded in mystery and spirituality.

The Sacred Adventure Group Retreat follows a spiritual and mystical lifestyle with a focus on deep personal healing and will feature trips to Machu Picchu and other surrounding sacred Inca cities. With daily yoga and meditation to clear the mind and cacao and despacho ceremonies to help with your spiritual journey, you will leave enriched and renewed and ready to face life’s challenges with new-found vigor.

Voice Of The Desert Horse-Riding Retreat In Jordan

The eight-day Voice of the Desert Retreat in Jordan takes you to the heart of Wadi Rum, also known as the Valley of the Moon, in the Mars-like Jordanian desert. Start each day with a sunrise yoga session before saddling up and riding out into the desert landscapes and immersing yourself in the potent medicine of vocal toning and singing.

The Voice of the Desert Retreat will also allow you to explore the ancient city of Petra and to float in the Dead Sea. Shared airport transfers, accommodation, and most meals are included, and the retreat also offers the chance to explore sound healing, chakra balancing, and Thai massage.

Our Final Thoughts...

The less-traveled path to wellness is not always easy to find, but it is always worth it. When you venture off the beaten track, you open yourself up to new possibilities for growth and transformation. You may find yourself hiking through pristine rainforests, paddling through crystal-clear lagoons, or meditating in the shadows of mountains. And you may even find yourself facing your fears and overcoming challenges.

No matter what you experience, the less-traveled path to wellness is a journey of self-discovery - a chance to connect with your inner self and the natural world around you. It is a way to find peace, joy, and meaning in your life. 

Looking for advice on how to improve your wellness? Consider taking a wellness trip off the beaten path. There are so many health perks to planning a wellness-inspired vacation. So, get in touch with us today to learn more about your dream retreat vacation.