Well-Being and Dance Retreat in Ibiza

Oct 2 to Oct 6, 2024

Well-Being and Dance Retreat in Ibiza
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Embark on a dance journey from Salsa to Argentine Tango, where movement harmonizes with the rhythm of music. Led by internationally recognized professional dance teachers, our curated programs cater to all levels, whether you're an absolute beginner or an intermediate dancer. Learn essential skills such as spatial awareness, mindfulness, nonverbal communication with your partner, the art of reciprocal movement, and an understanding of your physicality. Our goal is to enhance your physical agility, balance, and responses to touch, offering both meaningful and enjoyable learning experiences that also boost mental agility through physical movement.

And then, there's the culinary delight! Your gastronomic experience is an integral part of our retreat, featuring a thoughtfully crafted menu. Renowned Master Chef prepares your meals with expertise, ensuring a fusion of flavorful, nutritious, and delectable cuisine.

Nestled in the North of Ibiza, one of the enchanting Balearic islands, our luxury property, has graced the pages of 'Harpers Bazaar,' 'Condé Nast Traveller,' and 'Tatler' as one of the most sought-after villas on the island. Set amidst 30 acres of private land, boasting an infinity pool overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and offering a private path to the ocean, we promise an unforgettable experience.

About The Host


The host retreats were set up by ex-barrister and mother of three, Samiya.


"There comes a time in your life when you pause, review, and re-assess your journey through life. This can occur at any time and the catalyst could be absolutely anything. For me, this happened when I stood on the top of Adam's Peak (a sacred mountain in Srilanka) at 5 am in the morning, after an exhausting ascend to watch the sunrise. I asked myself, who am I and what have I become?

Questions such as: why am I so unfit? (I was the last to get to the top!), where did all these years go? do I want my life to have color and adventure or do I walk a safe path, acceptable to all those around me, and simply fit in? My spirit screamed out "Be true to yourself" and the rest will fall into place.

Not long after, I embarked on a program of "dance into fitness". I so very badly needed to regain my physical fitness. Since dance combines both art and exercise, it soon became a high point in my life. I invited my friends to join me, and the host was born. The endorphin high was my daily dose of mental glucose and the music was my motivator.

The years that followed, were a period of great learning. There were times of great joy and happiness, and times of deep sadness, despair, and disbelief. Like everything in life, you swing to the right, then to the left, and finally you CENTRE! In order to center or gain a balance, and a better understanding of my own modus operandi in life, seeking Grace and good counsel was invaluable. Throughout this time, I never stopped paying attention to my physical well-being. As Lord Buddha said "To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. I have also come to realize that truthfulness both to yourself and those around you is the ultimate freedom.

Our approach, therefore, is based on these principles of striving to achieve physical well-being with the ultimate aim of using it as a foundation to achieve balance, strength, and harmony in life."

Things to keep in mind