Peru Sacred Adventure 10 Day Group Retreat

Sept 29 to Oct 8, 2024

Peru Sacred Adventure 10 Day Group Retreat
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Recently recognized by CNN Travel, Vogue and Yoga Journal as one of the world's top ten wellness retreat venues you will be in awe of the breathtaking gardens and mystical surroundings. Steeped in relaxation, sacred ceremonies, massage, yoga as well as breathtaking adventure full of rich culture and exploration this retreat is a journey that fuses mind, body, soul. Come and be inspired!


This retreat is open to those ready to connect deeply and purposefully with Pachama while luxuriating in transformational retreat space. All trips, activities, ceremony and yoga classes are optional as just laying in the gardens or booking additional massage might be what your soul is calling for.


1. Spiritual and Mystical Lifestyle
2. Deep Personal Healing
3. Immersion in Conscious Living



About The Host


Having studied and practiced yoga, meditation, and intuitive arts for over 21 years, Jolie believes these practices are the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and others. As a certified yoga teacher of 7 different yogic practices, transformation facilitator, a certified paddle board yoga instructor, Reiki Level II practitioner, and teacher of kids yoga and meditation classes, she is ever delving deeper into these passions. As a mother of four and woman who found herself embarking on a journey a bit different than expected, Jolie took a deeper turn toward these practices in 2009 when she needed healing from depression, trauma, anxiety, panic attacks and at the time what felt like a broken life.

Through consciousness raising, present moment awareness, treating our body as a temple, and living life as a moving meditation Jolie teaches that when we start living from our divine essence, we remember who we are and in this creation of space within ourselves we reclaim our power and infinite ability to manifest our dreams. Jolie has experienced and been witness to many "miracles" that the rational mind can not explain. She does not believe in limits, boundaries, or the finite and through that awareness she lives a magical life beyond what most people consider ordinary reality. In addition to nurturing our soul and spirit, our physical body is the temple. Keeping it strong and healthy is vital to an enlightened life. As a channel and intuit Jolie utilizes her clairvoyant abilities in a symbiotic way to offer sessions that work to integrate past traumas and emotional disturbances. Being of service to others and aiding them in healing their lives, improving their health, and living authentically is Jolie's life’s purpose. May all of your days be filled with infinite love, grace, beauty, and bliss! May you know you are powerful beyond measure. May you be free. Namaste.​


Things to keep in mind