Discover Africa: 10 Great Wellness Adventures to Check Out in 2024

Looking for a different type of wellness adventure and eco-holiday in 2024? Why not head to Africa. Take a yoga safari, trek with chimpanzees and gorillas or run across the Namibian desert. Whatever adventure you choose, you'll be sure to witness some truly amazing sites--from wildlife grazing in their natural habitat, to the incredible expanse of desert to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. What's not to love?

And, if you are looking to expand your horizons and want to check out this incredible continent, we have some pretty epic adventures in store for you in 2024. So, without further ado, here are 10 truly awe-inspiring wellness getaways to check out this year.

Yoga Safari with Gorilla and Chimpanzee Trekking in Uganda 

Learn what makes this country so special as we hike the Murchison Falls and drive through 5 National Parks for some truly spectacular wildlife sightings on this Yoga Safari with Gorillas and Chimpanzee Trekking in Uganda. We will set out on foot to trek Gorillas and Chimpanzee, which will for sure be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. This is truly a unique experience as only a few people get to spend time with these beauties. There are 18 gorilla families that have been habituated for tourism purposes, and 17 of those are tracked in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, where we will be trekking these gentle giants.

Yoga sessions depend on the day’s activities and travel time. Since most mornings start quite early due to all the amazing activities on offer and also the best time to view wildlife, most yoga sessions will be in the afternoon. Sessions will be a combination of pranayama, slow flows, vinyasa, and guided meditations - The practice promotes a calming and meditative state that will benefit beginners to experienced students.

This one is not to be missed.

Dates: June 7 to June 15 and Dec 13 to Dec 21, 2024

Yoga and Elephant Conservation Experience in Namibia

Learn from the elephants on this Yoga and Elephant Conservation Experience. Their traits include wisdom, strength, loyalty, patience and strong bonds - and with mindful movements and meditation.

For 6 days you will join EHRA, the Elephant-Human Relations Aid, who has helped build peaceful relationships between free-roaming desert elephants and local communities in Namibia. EHRA has studied these elephants for the past 18 years and you will assist the EHRA experts on tracking the elephants. The art of tracking is becoming a forgotten skill and it is fascinating to learn how you can tell how old their dung is, which way the elephants are walking and whether it is a male or female.

You’ll also sleep under the stars. Your camp is an eco camp site at the EHRA base camp with the most amazing view over the Ugab River. The camp has solar heated showers and composting toilets, all materials are mostly recycled and clay walls made in traditional ways. 

Every afternoon you will do a short nature walk and as the sun begins to set. They say the human mind is like the trunk of an elephant - it goes here, there, constantly moving through thoughts and sensations, it never rests. Here, in the wilderness, you have the unique opportunity to tame that mind, listening, feeling and becoming still. Morning yoga sessions will be followed by breakfast also made over the fire before heading out for the days conservation activities.

Dates: Sept 2 to Sept 7, 2024

Hiking Expedition in Cape Town, South Africa

Head from Cape Town up to Table Mountain and visit Constantia wineries for a little afternoon glass of wine before heading back to your guesthouse. Walk along Chapman's Peak Drive up the mountain into the Silvermine Nature Reserve, part of the Table Mountain National Park, where you'll hike through the western sector of the reserve, cross into the eastern sector and then down into Kalk Bay on the False Bay coast. And then head to Cape Point Reserve for your final day of hiking and take in fantastic views of False Bay.

You won't want to miss this all-inclusive 3-Day Hiking Tour of South Africa which will give you a truly spectacular glimpse of the South African countryside.

Dates: Flexible departures

Incredible Yoga Safari Adventure in Tanzania

five black and white zebras

Embark on a transformative 10-day Yoga Safari in Africa! Experience a classic safari, observing wildlife and connecting with local communities. 

As you weave yoga, pranayama, and meditation into your trip–you’ll cultivate a profound connection with wildlife, land, and people. These practices calm the mind, awaken the senses, and enhance your awareness of the present moment, deepening your engagement with each encounter. Later, in Zanzibar's serene Jambiani, intensify your yoga practice for self-discovery. 

Led by experienced yoga teacher Rebekah, this journey merges yoga with Tanzania's wonders, fostering self-reflection and personal growth. Join us for an unforgettable adventure of mind, body, and spirit.

Dates: April 5 to April 15, 2024

Surfing in Zanzibar

Zanzibar as a surf destination has not yet peaked major interest because surf times are restricted and the consistency of waves is not always guaranteed. But with the right guides on this Zanzibar Surfing Retreat, you can enjoy a truly amazing surfing adventure.

Now, Zanzibar is probably not for everyone. If you want to surf from dawn til dusk with easily accessible waves--this is probably not the trip for you. But if you are a beginner and low-level intermediate who wants to learn and improve in a beautiful destination with consistent beginner-friendly conditions minus all the crowds-then this is a great trip. And you are an intermediate and advanced surfer who likes chasing fun waves and good vibes and you are up for a mix of surfing, relaxing and exploring-then this is also a great surf destination you'll definitely want to check out. Flexible departures available.

Dates: Flexible departures

Rwanda-Uganda-Kenya Yoga Adventure

This road trip is an intoxicating fusion of jaw-dropping landscapes, immersive cultural encounters, and encounters with the wild like never before.

Your epic Yoga Adventure commences in Kigali, the vibrant heartbeat of Rwanda. Dive headfirst into the city's vibrant tapestry, immersing yourself in Rwandan culture and absorbing the energy of this bustling metropolis. 

As you cross the border from the serene Volcanoes National Park into Uganda, get ready for a primate trekking experience that will leave your heart racing and your spirit soaring. The thrill of tracking down gorillas and chimpanzees in their natural habitat is nothing short of electrifying.

But the adrenaline doesn't stop there. You'll head towards Kenya, the land of legendary safaris. Brace yourself for the safari of a lifetime as you traverse the untamed wilderness of Masai Mara. Picture this: a hot-air balloon ride at dawn, drifting above the majestic savannah, witnessing the awakening of Africa's iconic wildlife beneath you. It's the stuff dreams are made of.

If you hunger for adventure, if the call of the wild beckons, this road trip is your ticket to uncharted realms. 

Dates: July 5 to July 18, 2024

Running for Rhinos in Zimbabwe

Join this incredible Running for Rhinos Adventure where a portion on the proceeds will go to preserve the rhinos. Spend 4 nights on a private concession bordering the Hwange National Park. Enjoy a warm- up run with the rhino anti-poaching rangers before the main attraction: a 30km run through the rhino conservancy, the local rural community lands and an adjoining private game reserve.

Additional activities include game drives, walking safaris, and a visit to the Cobra headquarters. This is truly an adventure like no other.

Dates: March 27 to April 3, 2024

The Namibia Crossing: A Running Adventure

A 200km, five-day foot race from South Africa to Namibia through the ancient arid landscape of the /Ai/Ais-Richtersveld Transfrontier Park.

From the crystal fields of Sendelingsdrif in South Africa to the infamous giant boulders of Tatasberg deep in the /Ai/Ais-Richtersveld Transfrontier Park; this unparalleled Namibia Crossing Running Trip then crosses the Orange River into Namibia and the wild lands of the Fish River Canyon. This is the running experience of a lifetime and an escape to true wilderness like no other.

All you have to do is get yourself to Cape Town International Airport and your hosts will take care of the rest.

Dates: June 16 to June 22, 2024

Kitesurfing in Watamu, Kenya

The calm, crystal-clear water and the great wind conditions on offer from Watamu, Kenya, are ideal for beginners to learn and for seasoned kitesurfers to hone their techniques. The Kitesurfing in Watamu retreat takes place at Garoda Beach, which features a flat lagoon at low tide that is filled by big waves as the tide turns.

Daily body and mind workouts, such as yoga, fascial muscle relaxation, and breathing exercises, are also available, and you’ll receive a simple guide to an active and healthy way of living, alongside empowerment activities and personal development workshops.

Dates: Feb 3 to Feb 14, 2024

Kilimanjaro Hiking Adventure Retreat!

 Join this 10-Day Kilimanjaro Hiking Adventure that includes a walking safari, hot springs, mindfulness meditation clinics, waterfall hike + cultural immersion and a chance to summit Mount Kilimanjaro.

Fondly known as, "The Rooftop of Africa" Kilimanjaro sports some truly magnificent views.

This Kili summit tour will take place on the Umbwe Route which is often considered the one of the more challenging but spectacular routes that lead to Uhuru Peak (19,340 ft). It's steeper terrain and requires more endurance, but like most treks on Kilimanjaro---is a non-technical climb.

Local guides and coaches will hike with you the whole trip up to the summit and local porters will carry your luggage. You will sleep in spacious mountain tents along the way. And, if you are looking for a fantastic hiking trip that allows you to bag one of the Seven Summits of the world--then this is the trip for you.

Dates: Aug 21 to Aug 30, 2024

In the End

Whether you're looking for an epic yoga safari, an opportunity to view gorillas and chimpanzees up close, or a chance to surf along the coasts of Tanzania– we have something for everyone. From the iconic Namibian desert to the pristine beaches in Zanzibar there's no shortage of amazing wellness adventure destinations across this truly amazing continent.

We've highlighted some of our top trips coming your way for 2024, and with so much to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect trip for your next African wellness adventure.

If you're ready to start planning your African wellness trip, please get in touch with us today or check out more of our African wellness trips here, and we’ll be happy to send you further information. And if you are planning your trip, here are some travel tips to help you prepare.