Yoga and Elephant Conservation Experience in Namibia

Sept 2 to Sept 7, 2024

Yoga and Elephant Conservation Experience in Namibia
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Learn from the Elephants, deepening your sense of connection to these living beings. Their traits include wisdom, strength, loyalty, patience and strong bonds - and with mindful movements and meditation, we too can accomplish this.


Learn about and spend some time with the Desert adapted Elephant.

NGO talks to conserve these small, special populations of desert dwelling elephants and to help the people that live with them.

Visit three different tribal groups from Namibia - the Damaras, Hereros and Himbas.

Visit to the local school that EHRA (Elephant Human Relations Aid) supports and hear how they live with the elephants.

Visit a local farm where we will be spending the day helping to protect a vegetable garden or water point.

Part of your retreat costs are going towards a donation for EHRA’s projects.

Damaraland is known for its scenic and fascinating beauty and it’s also where you will find the free-roaming Desert Adapted Elephant.

For 6 days we will join EHRA, the Elephant-Human Relations Aid, who has helped build peaceful relationships between free-roaming desert elephants and local communities in Namibia. EHRA has studied these elephants for the past 18 years and we will assist the EHRA experts on tracking the elephants, get taught how to identify them and witness some interesting behaviors specific to the desert elephants. The art of tracking is becoming a forgotten skill and it is fascinating to learn how you can tell how old their dung is, which way the elephants are walking and whether it is a male or female.

Sleep under the stars

Our camp is an eco camp site at the EHRA base camp with the most amazing view over the Ugab River, there where the elephants roam! The camp has solar heated showers and composting toilets, all materials are mostly recycled and clay walls made in traditional ways. We will stay here for our first 2 nights and then set up camp the following 2 nights wherever we find the elephants. We will all participate in cooking dinner over the fire, sitting and chatting until we fall asleep under the stars! The last night we are back at base camp.. 

Your yoga experience…

Every afternoon we will do a short nature walk and as the sun begins to set, we will ground ourselves and move slowly with our breaths, taking in the natural landscapes, simply being and living in the moment. They say the human mind is like the trunk of an elephant - it goes here, there, constantly moving through thoughts and sensations, it never rests. Here, in the wilderness, you have the unique opportunity to tame that mind, listening, feeling and becoming still. Morning yoga sessions will be followed by breakfast also made over the fire before heading out for the days conservation activities.

About The Host

We organize specialized yoga holidays that combine wildlife encounters, conservation, vibrant cultural experiences, nature hikes, adventurous days and mindful yoga flows out in nature, a truly authentic experience. Choose one of our scheduled yoga holidays or contact us to customize a private trip according to your personal requirements. These yoga holidays are about YOU, connecting with yourself on a deeper level and having an adventure of a life time.


Things to keep in mind