200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. Indonesia

24 Days, Multiple Departures

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. Indonesia
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Our Bali Yoga Teacher Trainings offer a transformative experience that goes beyond traditional certification programs. In addition to learning to teach yoga, you will have the opportunity to explore rituals, ceremonies, crystal work, essential oils, meditation journeys, Ayurvedic herbs, and more. Our program empowers you to break free from unconscious limitations and unlock your infinite potential, elevating your consciousness to new heights. Many students have experienced profound healing, release of past traumas, and a deep cleansing of the soul through our training. Join us in Bali and transform your body, mind, and spirit.21 Day Training Includes Tuition, Lodging and Meals

Who is this for

Experience a profound transformation of mind, body, and spirit with our Bali 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. Our course goes beyond the standard certification requirements by incorporating holistic practices such as ritual, ceremony, crystals, essential oils, meditation journeys, Ayurvedic herbs, and more. This is not just a training to learn how to teach yoga, it's an opportunity to break free from unconscious limitations and tap into your infinite potential for elevated consciousness. Our training actively raises intuition and often leads to healing, release of past traumas, and a deep cleansing and clearing of the soul. This immersive experience is open to anyone interested in using yoga as a tool for uncovering deep truth, well-being, and healing.

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Embark on a transformative journey in mystical Bali, where some lessons and ceremony will be led by local priests and healers that will guide you into a deeper connection with yoga, culture, and spirituality. Elevate your practice through expert guidance, surrounded by a supportive community. Visit sacred temples and immerse yourself in the spiritual essence of Bali. Discover the beauty, wisdom, and profound spirituality that awaits you on this transformative retreat.

Spiritual and mystical lifestyle

We approach yoga as a complete lifestyle, science, and art, following the traditional yogic methodology. Our 200-hour yoga teacher training seamlessly fuses the modern and mystical aspects of Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga with the rich and colorful history, traditions, and philosophies of the past. Our program is designed to deepen your understanding of Prana (life-force energy), energetic healing, spirituality, crystals, and essential oils, as well as provide practical and scientific courses on kriyas, anatomy, sequencing, meditations, and breath. We offer a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that celebrates diversity and fosters personal growth and development. Join us on this transformative journey of self-discovery and gain the tools to share the gift of yoga with others.

Deep personal healing

We believe that our training goes beyond just receiving a certificate. We are committed to supporting you in your personal growth and expansion so that you can fully express yourself in every moment. Our students often experience a rejuvenation of their spirit and a detachment from emotional energies that no longer serve them. This training offers a deep shifting of priorities, allowing you to graduate feeling expanded and empowered as an individual.

Immersion in conscious living

Living a yogic lifestyle goes beyond just practicing yoga asanas on the mat. It encompasses a holistic approach to life that emphasizes a higher state of consciousness, filled with beauty, presence, grace, and bliss. In our online training, we encourage students to embrace this way of life by adopting various yogic practices, such as abstaining from alcohol and coffee, and adopting a whole, vegetarian diet. These small yet powerful changes can ignite enormous transformations in your personal life, promoting balance, peace, and wisdom both on and off the mat.

Students from around the globe come to Bali to share in a vibrant community that is supportive, curious, and soulful. The “yoga bubble” we create together during the immersion-style retreat is unique and truly life-changing. Our graduates speak to this profound sense of belonging, and experience guided by our culture of truth, courage, and love.

​Upon completion of the course, students will receive certification and a 200hr Yoga Alliance certificate through through us, a Registered Yoga School (RYS).


Graduate with the skills, confidence, and experience to teach yoga immediately.

Daily Hatha/Vinyasa YogaYoga Sutras and Yoga Anatomy.

Daily meditations for healing, growth, self-discovery, and empowerment.

Understanding of energy healing, crystals, essential oils, and Ayurveda.

7 days of chakra balancing using yoga, meditation, mantra, and music.

The art of teaching/touch and alignmentSpiritual, shamanic, and celestial ceremonies for releasing the old and starting anew.

Live music accompanying some classes and ceremonies.

Amazing photos taken throughout your journey

About The Host
Megan Mulrine and Moana

Megan Mulrine and Moana

Megan Mulrine - Lead Facilitator

Megan, is a yoga instructor at the E-RYT 500+ level who has trained more than 600 yoga teachers in Bali for both 200 or 300hr YTT programs.

Megan is a natural storyteller and writer, and her passion lies in weaving the deity stories into her classes. Teaching is in her blood: both her mother, and her mother’s father are school teachers, and she often takes inspiration from their diversified teaching styles and ability to explain complex subjects.

Megan radiates joy and enthusiasm in her teachings, often channeling her lessons from Akashic energy, and her students leave class more confident in their own unique power.

E-RYT 500


Yoga theologian

Pre- and Post-natal Yoga certified

Kids' & Teens' Yoga certified

SUP Yoga Certified

Bali Usada Meditation Teacher

Akashic Records reader

Vedic mantra and kirtan leader

Kundalini Reiki Level 2 practitioner

Past life regression guide

Bhakti devotee

Moana - Co Lead Facilitator

Moana is an E-RYT 500 yoga teacher trainer, a kirtanist, a singer, a healer, and a hypnotherapist who is passionate about improving both the mental and physical health of all who seek out her offerings. Originally from Jakarta, Indonesia, Moana spends her time surfing, teaching yoga, and leading kirtan on Nusa Lembongan, a small white-sand island off the coast of Bali. Moana has studied and learned from many powerful teachers over the years, including Mark Whitwell of Heart of Yoga, Peter Clifford of Anahata Yoga, the hypnotherapist Stephanie Sargent, and the zen monk Hamid Ebadi. She’s also deepened her studies through travels in India and Thailand, learning mantras and kirtan to share her devotion and joy with the world.Moana has been guiding students through yoga teacher trainings and yoga retreats in Bali for almost 15 years, and the soul-level connection that she makes with students is often one of the most profound parts of the training. A multi-instrument musician and singer, Moana’s expertise lies in mantra singing and sound healing, as well as powerful meditation, movement, and hypnotherapy. Her voice frequently triggers deep spiritual experiences for students during savasana, and her sense of humor and lightness brings joy to every moment of the course.


Things to keep in mind