200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Boquete, Panama

Mar 31 to Apr 13, 2024

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Boquete, Panama
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A Few Spots Left

Whether you are just beginning your practice or have an advanced practice, desire to teach or simply want to enhance your own personal practice, our trainings will surely create a beautiful shift in your life and expand you beyond measure in self-love, self-awareness, abundance, gratitude, joy and clarity of your vision.

Upon completion, you will become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) with Yoga Alliance®! During our trainings, not only will we explore the physical aspects of a yoga practice such as alignment, adjustments, transitions, peak pose sequencing class design & anatomy, but we will also explore the spiritual aspects of yoga and discuss ancient yoga philosophy empowering you to find your own path and truth.


Experienced Internationally Recognized Yoga Alliance® RYS200 & RYS300 School & Continuing Education Provider (YACEP).

Katherine Sophia is a Master Yogini with over 15 years of teaching experience & Master Space Holder for profound transformation.

Be embraced by the sheer lush beauty of Boquete as it surrounds you in safety, nature and calming energy.

Experience the immense healing powers of Breathe & Believe connected breathwork sessions.

Unite & expand with your yoga family and make connections that last a lifetime.

Leave feeling fully empowered to teach with your authentic style and voice.

Maximum of 15 students per training to ensure proper individual attention.

Skill level

All of our trainings are open to yogis of all levels as we empower you to work with your current design, its strengths and weaknesses. If you can breathe, you can join!

Yoga styles

The primary foundation of the course is vinyasa flow, but students will be encouraged to create their own unique classes that most supports their authentic voice and style. We have produced teachers guiding students through Yin, Ashtanga, Bikram, Restorative, Power, Gentle, AcroYoga, Yoga for Kids, and many more.


Take your practice to the next level by immersing yourself in the exploration of yoga. Whether you are just beginning your practice or have an advanced practice, this training will surely create a beautiful shift in your life and expand you beyond measure on your journey with yoga. Upon completion, you will become an internationally recognized registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, the world's largest non-profit yoga certification and training organization expanding over 160 countries. You will also leave feeling deeper in love with yourself and the world around you with a clearer vision of your future.

The experience

Personal Growth

YiA Yoga will inspire you to “be the change you wish to see in this world.” During the training, you will have the opportunity to reflect and connect with your highest self, the part of you that knows the sky is the limit, the part of you that sees the beauty within yourself and others, the part of you that makes your dreams, hopes, and visions a reality.

Spiritual Connection

This training is designed to be suitable for people of all religious and spiritual backgrounds. YiA Yoga fully respects and honors individual belief systems. The aim is not to “convert” you into anything. It is rather to inspire you to be the best version of yourself. If you believe in a higher power, this training will connect you more to your own higher power and your highest self. Together, we will practice the power of love and gratitude, which crosses all cultures, religions, and philosophies.

Creativity Through Vinyasa

The primary style of yoga you will learn is Vinyasa yoga. It is one of the more creative types of yoga and is a perfect base for all other forms. If you can teach a Vinyasa class, expanding to teaching other forms of yoga is easy. Vinyasa can be soft and gentle or powerful and intense. It is whatever you want it to be. You as a teacher are able to express your creativity through the practice and personalize your class to express who you are and what you represent. Vinyasa is a beautiful dance that comes together through sun salutations. During the training, you will also expand your knowledge of the various forms of yoga by participating in a variety of different styles of classes.

Yoga Anatomy & Physiology

You will explore the relationship between yoga anatomy and physiology that will support you to guide your students in a safe and effective manner and will empower you to create well-rounded and balanced classes using peak pose sequencing. There will be an inside look on a collection of the most important foundational poses that together comprise the full range of the body’s expression to give you a better understanding of the movements involved using full-color, detailed anatomical illustrations.

Yoga Adjustments

YiA Yoga believes that one key to being an exceptional yoga teacher is being able to support your students in their practice by taking their postures to their full expression safely. There will be a hands-on approach to teaching you, not only the anatomy of the posture but how to get them into proper alignment using effective adjustment techniques. You will also develop clear and concise communication skills, learn to fully observe your students in their practice, and communicate what they need to hear in order to deepen their own experience. Lastly, you will discover the beauty and power of body awareness through various meditations, pranayamas and exercises.

Build on Your Strengths as a Teacher

Your ability to create change within yourself and in the world depends upon your courage, commitment, authenticity, and connection. By exploring your strengths and deeply connecting to your highest self, you will empower others to do the same. There is no greater gift you can give than allowing your light to shine as brightly as possible, as it inspires others to do the same. Each yoga teacher has something exceptional to offer their students. Together, you will tap into examining your personal strengths and using them as a foundation for developing our individual teaching styles allowing you to fully experience the joy, art, and science of being a yoga teacher.


The founder and director of YiA Yoga, Katherine Sophia credits much of her focus and success - both worldly and in the spiritual realms - to the practice of meditation and visualization using the law of attraction as a strong foundation. During this training, you will have the opportunity to dive into this magnificent, life-impacting, powerful practice with her, and learn how you can incorporate meditation and visualization into your own life assisting you in fulfilling your dreams and desires. And as you develop and expand your personal meditation practice, you will be inspired to guide your students to theirs.

Yoga Philosophy

The practice of yoga goes back thousands of years but has only exploded across the world just recently. You will look into the most significant historical yogic texts, giving you a deeper understanding of the foundation of yoga and flow through time to bring you to the present moment of what is means to be a yogi in the 21st century.

About The Host
Katherine Sophia

Katherine Sophia

Katherine Sophia is a passion driven visionary social entrepreneur on a mission to be of service by connecting people to the Divine light, joy and abundance of life force energy that exists within each and every one of us. Her work has taken her all over the globe and she has provided guidance to thousands of individuals on their journey within using a variety of holistic healing modalities.

Not only does she work privately with individuals, she expands into the realms of couples, families and communities. Her guiding force and fuel is that of unconditional love. She is a master space holder and can unite a group of strangers into a loving, supporting connected community by tuning them deeply into their compassionate loving hearts.

She works with people of all religious and spiritual belief systems as she believes we are all united, all One… simply taking different paths to arrive at the same destination. Back to our innate nature of love, awareness, joy, bliss, and true acceptance and surrender to all that is.

Things to keep in mind