7 Day - Freediving Camp in Indonesia

Sept 26 to Oct 2, 2024

7 Day - Freediving Camp in Indonesia
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Join our freedive camp where we strive to blend the thrill of ocean exploration with personal growth in a supportive and secure setting. Our instructors are not just skilled in freediving; they bring diverse expertise from various fields to enrich their teaching approach.

This camp is open to everyone intrigued by freediving and seeking inner inspiration. Beginners are especially encouraged to participate – there's no need to hesitate.

We take pride in fostering an environment where students can navigate their expectations positively and conquer challenges. Our focus extends beyond mere depth and time measurements; we emphasize the profound mental benefits of the sport.

What's on the Curriculum?
Our freedive camp emphasizes the harmonious integration of training, relaxation, and mindset techniques:

- Gain tools to manage everyday stress, enhance sleep quality, and set realistic goals.
- Hone your freediving skills, including finning techniques, body alignment, and equalization methods.
- Develop strategies to overcome learning barriers, both in freediving and life in general.

During the program, participants can opt for drop-in yoga sessions at nearby studios. Additionally, we offer private group meditation and breathwork sessions, equipping attendees with valuable practices for ongoing use. Plus, luxurious accommodation ensures a restful and revitalizing experience throughout the camp.