Alchemy of Earth Retreat in Nevada City, CA

May 30 to Jun 2, 2024

Alchemy of Earth Retreat in Nevada City, CA
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Journey to the Yuba River in the heart of Northern California for a 4-day yoga and wellness retreat. Discover the art of creative living. Reconnect to body and soul through daily yoga practices rooted in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. Discover self-care rituals that align with the rhythms of the Earth. Nourish your creative potential with a workshop series on the art of natural dyeing. Join for an intimate gathering of connection, intuition and inspiration.

Wilderness immersion to Yuba

Explore the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the sacred Yuba River. If you ask any local, they’ll tell you the Yuba is a place like no other. Come to be cleansed, inspired, or simply soak the crystal clear waters for rejuvenation. We believe Nature is medicine and beneath all our conditioning, it’s our inherent state of being. Through wilderness immersion, we reconnect with the land, the plants, the animals and the subtle rhythms of the river to strengthen our intuition, creative flow and connection to life. A return to nature is a way home to ourselves.

Discover the 5,000 year-old ancient wisdom of Ayurveda “the science of life” + rituals for self-care.

Ethical harvesting + wildcrafting lessons.

Learn healing properties of native plants + medicine making.

Afternoon garden & Yuba River Trip.

Two Creative Workshops on Natural Dyeing using plants such as Indigo, Turmeric, Eucalyptus.

Element inspired yoga movement

Enjoy two yoga classes daily, intended to inspire embodied awareness and personal expression.

Each class is guided with mindfulness, alignment focus, and Ayurvedic principles to integrate body, mind and heart. Morning Asana is inspired by solar energy, a Vinyasa class unfolding consciousness through the dance of breath with movement. In the afternoon, we wind down the day with a lunar-inspired practice such as Restorative, Aromatherapy Grounding Flow, or Yoga Nidra. One can expect meditation, pranayama, breath awareness, mudra and mantra.

Whether an seasoned practitioner or new yogi, instruction and modifications are given for each individual explore one’s potential.

Natural dye workshops

Enjoy two thorough and fun natural dye workshop days with Kristin Arazt! In ancient Vedic science, plants can simultaneously offer medicinal and healing benefits to cloth and our bodies, a practice known as Ayurvastra in India. We will go in-depth with natural indigo dyeing and resist techniques and immersion dyeing through mordant printing. Using only organic plant matter, you will gain knowledge and experiment with the art of natural dyeing. You will take home samples in a variety of colors and fibers. Our first workshop day will be totally focused on natural indigo dyeing, and our second workshop day will dive into print pastes and immersion dyeing with mordant dyes.

All workshop materials are included, but you are also welcome to bring your own small, natural fiber items to dye.

About The Host
Gaby Coletta

Gaby Coletta

Gaby is a Yoga, Ayurveda, and Meditation Teacher with over 12 years of practice in integrative wellness and healing arts. She facilitates nature-based retreats, guides mind-body courses, and coaches individuals on how to create an ecosystem of internal resources that increase resilience and unveil intrinsic potential. Her teachings weave together the Ancient traditions of Ayurveda, Tibetan Buddhism, and Tantra, alongside modern-day neuroscience, somatic psychology, and Earth wisdom. Gaby guides womxn’s circles and intentional collaborations committed to cultivating spaces of vulnerability, discovery, authentic expression, and liberation. Through the tapestry of mind-body practices, Gaby shares tools for deeper intimacy and understanding one’s intuitive abilities, mental power, and pathways to freedom. Gaby received her Ayurvedic training at the California College of Ayurveda in 2017 with additional study under Dr. Lad and holds a B.A. in Communication from New York University. Gaby is a faculty of the Lakshmi Rising School of Yoga and Wellness, a Master' Candidate for Integral Counseling Psychology at the CIIS, and co-founder of ClimbWell, an organization devoted to exploring the intersection of rock climbing, mindfulness, and personal development.


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