Best Yoga and Adventure Retreat in Norway

Jul 22 to Jul 26, 2024

Best Yoga and Adventure Retreat in Norway
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Norway will steal a piece of your heart and take your breath away with its magnificence. I seriously can't think of a more breathtaking backdrop for a yoga retreat.

This Norway yoga adventure retreat is a very special journey that combines a nature exploration with a solid yoga and meditation programme.

The stunning fjord where we're staying during this yoga and hiking retreat is a peaceful and grounding sanctuary. It's a perfect place to reconnect with your practice, with yourself and with nordic nature.

The retreat hotel is located by the water's edge, right at the fjord and a tiny marina. It's surrounded by mountains and pristine Norwegian forest. The fjord offers a perfect setting for exploring your yoga and meditation practice as well as endless possibilities for hikes, kayaking and forest bathing, or shinrin yoku.

Join us in this oasis of unspoiled Norwegian nature and enjoy an adventure of a lifetime.


Are you a fit yoga practitioner who enjoys being active - both on the yoga mat and out in the nature? If yes, this retreat is for you.

During this retreat, you will have an opportunity to experience a variety of approaches to hatha yoga, from elemental vinyasa flow to meditation, however the main style of yoga featured in this retreat, is vinyasa flow. All sessions will be adapted to the group and modifications of the poses will be offered to cater for all participants and to ensure that everyone is receiving the benefits of the practice and the individualised attention.

Programme components of this yoga retreat

Elemental vinyasa flow

Alignment based hatha yoga

In-depth self-myofascial release technique

Restorative flow

Yin yoga

Pranayama / breath work

Seated meditation - guided and self-guided

Restful yoga nidra (yoga sleep) meditation in savasana

About The Host


A psychologist and have been leading retreats and teacher trainings for over 10 years. I have a strong background in both technical and therapeutic aspects of yoga and meditation and over 16 years experience of teaching yoga and meditation.


Things to keep in mind