Connect Retreat: Yoga and Meditation in Serifos, Greece

Jun 16 to Jun 21, 2024

Connect Retreat: Yoga and Meditation in Serifos, Greece
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This retreat is one-of-a-kind because it is the perfect blend of all of the wonderful parts of a couple’s retreat without it being only for those in romantic partnerships, and is focused on building connection primarily through light-hearted fun.

This retreat is for anyone from siblings, to parents and child relationships, to best friends, to romantic partners. It’s all about creating the right environment to share with a special person a few days of full presence.

On this retreat, you will share things you normally don’t share including experiences, places, ideas, thoughts, and feelings without the heaviness found in many other relationship-style retreats. We all know that life is short and relationships are one of the most precious things we have in this world.

Through Yoga and Meditation we’ll help you get in touch with yourself, take care of yourself, and promote self love and acceptance in order to connect at a deeper level. It’s also about having fun and enjoying life to the fullest! You can expect fun excursions & adventures too!

You’ll honor your most cherished relationships (friendships, family, romantic) through a curated experience that will leave you feeling closer to your person than ever before, rejuvenated on a soul-level, and with memories to last a lifetime.

So ask yourself:

Who do you crave more time with?

Who do you wish you saw more often without the usual distractions of everyday life?

Who do you want to strengthen your relationship with?

What relationship in your life would feel good to honor with a beautiful trip & your undivided attention?

This could be a parent, friend, sibling, mentor, or partner.  It could be a completely platonic love or a romantic one, but one thread is the same- you desire more connection with this person, and the thought of making more memories with them sounds exciting, fulfilling, and intriguing.

Is this you?

Perhaps the hustle & bustle of everyday life has ignited a desire to finally start putting your relationships first.

Or you live far away from one of your favorite people on the planet, and your soul needs more time with them.

Maybe you haven’t traveled in a while and what better way to make memories than to bring one of the most important people in your life to bond.

You’re looking for an opportunity for growth and reconnection through fun, silliness, and new experiences together.

We all have that one person whom we crave more connection with.

Why now?

If we wait for the perfect moment to do it, it might never come, so we invite you to say yes to the present moment, dive into the experience and create memories for a lifetime!

This retreat gives you the opportunity to improve your connections now. We don’t want you to have to wait to feel closer to someone you love and care about, nor do we want you wishing you had booked it later on.

This is a beautiful time to reconnect, bond, laugh, and grow with each other in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Don’t miss out!

This is not

Couples therapy.

Only for romantic partnerships.

A serious and heavy experience.

An acro yoga workshop (those crazy partner yoga poses).

Or your Patrick Swayze with baby in the air moment. (But maybe you can try that in the sea.⁓).

This is a connection retreat

 Expect deep connection and light-hearted silliness. 

This experience will allow you to bond and feel closer to the person you attend with.

 You will share things you normally don’t share including experiences, places, ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

This is an active & rejuvenating holiday. 

Serifos Island

Serifos is a beautiful off the beaten path island in the Cyclades Islands. It has maintained its natural landscape and beauty, which is one of the many reasons we love it.

Our retreat location offers panoramic views of the sea and the Chora (main village of Serifos). You will be within a 10 minute walk to beautiful beach in a protected bay.

About The Host
Teresa Gonzalez and Ruben Gonzalez

Teresa Gonzalez and Ruben Gonzalez

Teresa is a yogini and lover of nature with a creative heart.

Aside from yoga, she also enjoys movement such as cycling, hiking, swimming, and dancing. She brings over 20 years of yoga experience with solid practice in Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin, and Partner Yoga.

She wants to share with her students all of the adventure, peace, flavors, smells, warmth of the sun, and cool water that Greece has to offer.

Teresa is passionate about teaching her students how to find peace and bliss in their lives by awakening all the senses to take it all in. She believes any type of meditation is an important daily practice whether that looks like a mindful walk, sitting still, practicing breathwork, etc. This is one of the many tools that support her teachings.

Her philosophy of taking it all in also involves opening the heart with yoga, inviting restful sleep with meditation, and waking up to beautiful sunrises to fill up the inner vessel of beauty.

Creative expression is also one of her gifts and she enjoys creating art by painting on canvas, paper, walls, on a t-shirt, or just drawing a Mandala in the sand, using her fingers and toes, and decorating them with sticks and stones that she collects nearby.

Ruben’s introduction to Yoga came many years ago from the philosophy side by reading the classic texts and meditation practice, as he combined a professional life as a data analyst for over 35 years with an active life in sports, mainly soccer.

Later in life, Ruben moved more through cycling and triathlons, and discovered that yoga helped shorten the recovery time after races and hard training sessions. He also discovered that yoga helped him with his posture at work, and finding more mental clarity. All of this led him to get his 200hr yoga teacher certification.

Through breath-centric movement, Ruben encourages his students to find harmony within their bodies and minds, fostering a deeper connection to their own selves.

Ruben’s teaching philosophy extends beyond the physical aspects of yoga. He believes that yoga is a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal growth. In his classes, you’ll find an invigorating safe space to develop a sustainable practice.

Teresa and Ruben have been married 34 years and found common ground through yoga. They started practicing Partner Yoga at home, and experienced so much fun and connection that they brought that practice to their students. Now, they want to bring that connection to the next level by offering this retreat.

Things to keep in mind