Cycling & Cooking in Sardinia

7 Days, Multiple Departures

Cycling & Cooking in Sardinia
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First of all, you will taste the refined Sardinian olive oil and we won’t miss the wine and cheese tasting, you will cook dishes from the renowned classic Sardinian cooking, such as malloreddus, culurgiones and fregola, you will prepare dishes of fresh fish and meat with a delicate and admirable flavor.
Further, as for cycling, you will ride in fantastic sceneries, such as the Montiferru or the plain of Arborea, you will visit the Punic-Roman ruins of THARROS and the archaeological site of Barumini, where there is the Nuragic town SU NURAXI.
Carbon frame race bike, hybrid & high-end E-bike ALL YOU NEED IS TO CHOOSE

How much cooking will we do?

After you have worked up an appetite, we will feed you very well! Most days include a hands-on cooking class or a visit to taste local food artisan. Our dining-out experiences range from a simple osteria, to a family trattoria, and an elegant restaurant.
In conclusion you will come home inspired, not only with new recipes, but also with the enthusiasm to cultivate these lessons into your lifestyle.

Biking & Cooking Trip Wow Moments

Return from your trip with actual know-how to create n Italian dinner back home—it’s the ultimate keepsake!
Pedal rolling hills past Canonau vineyards & wine tasting Vernaccia
Cycle the best coastal road of Mediterrean

About The Host

Marco– Technical Director

I was a sound technician in Milan in my former life.
My authentic passion for cycling led me to the quiet roads and rolling hills of Tuscany where I live and have been leading bike tours since my arrival.
I know the region extremely well and love to share my knowledge of Tuscany’s secret corners and off-the-beaten-path places. I love solo travel with my gravel and I just back from my trip from Santiago del Chile to Buenos Aires.

Giuliana– General Manager

In my “first life” in Milan I worked in the TV industry, in the graphic area.
Since I was a child I have tried to practice any kind of sport, and that has saved me! Then sport outdoors has become my must-to-do. That’s why I was so enthusiastic to move into the beautiful countryside in Val d’Orcia and take care of cycling tours full time, follow the logistics, be a bike guide, and last but not least scout new tours.
I love Food&Wine and I am an official Sommelier with AIS: many wine bike tours are coming.


Things to keep in mind