Dance of Dharma Retreat in Serpa, Portugal

Mar 27 to Apr 1, 2024

Dance of Dharma Retreat in Serpa, Portugal
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Best Seller

That ever-present calling of our intuition that we feel in our hearts and at the edge of our awareness, a curiosity that guides us in the direction of our lessons and blessings so we might remember and unite with our purpose...

Our true nature
our truth,
our eternal being,
our way home,
our service,
our divine mission,

Dharma doesn't seek perfection or promise miracles but rather synchronizes our life through us as we become more adept at recognizing the cycles, rhythms, and nature of all things...


Divine Self-Union
Discover the Power of the Masculine & Feminine Within Through Daily Movement (dance, pilate, yoga & hiking), Meditation, Breath work and Your Own Magic

Love Your Feminine Being

Learn how to be in YOUR body, Trust your intuitive leads, Connect to your own skin, Strengthen Your Self-Belief and Self-Confidence, and appreciate your Sensual Nature.

Divine Design

Explore Your Dharmic Path and get curious with Human Design specifically for integrating THIS RETREAT'S TEACHINGS.

Ceremonial Reverence

Dharma Circles with Elements of Fire & Earth to Ignite, Ground & Rebalance Your Energy with Mother Earth

Move Your Mess Into Your Magic

Break through the confines of perfectionism to share your specific magic with the world.

Horse Therapy

Option to Work Alongside these Majestic Animals (with a certified horse coaching trainer) to gain greater Clarity, Self-Awareness and Raw Feedback on How You Show Up In the World, and to Yourself.

Activate Your Power

Experience a Safe container where you can express your creative essence without fear and learn to activate and harness your Power towards your aligned direction.

Playful Curiosity

Find your joy, freedom and play through childlike curiosity while being supported by a heart-centered, purpose-filled, and empowered community of fabulous women.

The location

Serpa, Portugal is located in the district of Beja which is located in the Alentejo Central Portuguese Region bordering Spain. Serpa lies on higher ground where the great river Guadiana flows by and only a short distance away you can find some of Portugal's most beautiful landscapes  in the Guadiana National Park. Serpa has documented history as early as 400 BC and an even richer history that lies in the stories of the land.

I fell in love with the rugged calm beauty and grounded feminine and masculine energy of Serpa as it draws you close to the supportive womb of Mother Earth 
effortlessly activating our Sacred Sacral and Root energy centers. 

I trust that all of those who are drawn to The Dance of Dharma retreat will find themselves deeply healed and nurtured by the steady magic of this land.

About The Host
Brittany Anthony

Brittany Anthony

I lead confidence-building, habit-changing, self-love-attracting, sisterhood-sharing, magic-weaving retreats for women...

. . . and there's no place I'd rather be than right here, right now, with women like you who are realizing that it is We - who are the key to healing our lives, remembering our Radiance, and fostering a more connected future.

I've gone deep and wide into the process of self-discovery, inner transformation, and healing - which has completely changed the way I show up and navigate through the world . . .

I no longer strive for perfection, but rather for authenticity.

I no longer feel stuck in crippling self-doubt or lack of self-belief and have instead learned to step Confidently, Courageously, and Unapologetically into my next highest expression and towards the direction of my dreams.

I no longer view vulnerability as a weakness but a strength that allows genuine connections.

I have learned to let go of the need to control and overthink, and instead trust in the process and surrender to the flow

Every day I learn to step into a truer version of myself, which has profoundly changed how I move in this world.

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Things to keep in mind