Desert Highlights Trail Camp in Colorado

April 11 - April 14, 2024

Desert Highlights Trail Camp in Colorado
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We will be exploring trails through vast canyons, beneath towering monoliths, hidden arches and a sweeping landscape that goes on for miles.

Over 4 days and 3 nights join local trail and ultra running coaches as we guide you through special clinics and challenging runs.

The best part? Our base camp is located at the best resort in the heart of Colorado wine country!

Where will we be running?

Locations include but not limited to Colorado National Monument, Fruita, Loma and the Grand Mesa. Plan on being out and active most of the day, all activities are voluntary and there will be pacers and options for those looking for longer/shorter excursions.

Including but not limited to.....

Did someone say Wine?!?

After a long weekend we will un-"wine" with winery biking tour visiting various wineries in the area for tastings and to soak in the laid back lifestyle of this small community. You will also have the opportunity to grab some fresh produce, honey and other items produced in the area by local farmers and ranchers.

Recovery sessions:

We will host a pi-yo class, have foam rollers and other massage/stretching devices available for use over the weekend and also take a trip for a dip (aka cold water therapy) in the Colorado river.


- Running form/gait session with agility + footwork drills everyone should be doing to improve your trail running technique

- Power hiking tips and technique for steep/technical terrain + proper and most effective use of trekking poles

About The Host

Scott is a lifelong coach and founder. He is an entrepreneur in health, fitness, and sports performance and all of the crazy business and life things would never fit on just one page! After launching in 2015 he started putting on live events in the form of camps and retreats for runners. The energy of getting people offline and into the mountains and onto the trails is something you have to experience to understand and he is planning on creating many more of these experiences for runners around the world!

Things to keep in mind