Energy-Balancing Wellness and Transformation Retreat in Leticia, Colombia

Mar 1 to Mar 5, 2024

Energy-Balancing Wellness and Transformation Retreat in Leticia, Colombia
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Indulge in a soul-nourishing escape that merges the mystical allure of the jungle with a lavish sanctuary designed exclusively for your rejuvenation. Join us for an unforgettable Energy-Balancing Wellness & Transformation Retreat that promises to unlock your inner vitality and restore your sense of harmony.

As you step into this oasis of tranquility you’ll be guided through a symphony of practices carefully curated to detoxify your mind, body and spirit. Awaken each morning with gentle yet invigorating yoga session, delve into the ancient art of Pranayama, and immerse yourself in the transformative power of meditation and Yoga Nidra. Our expert guides will also lead you through energy-balancing techniques and time-honored ancestral rituals that connect you with the essence of the jungle.

And for those seeking a deeper connection, an optional plant medicine ceremony is available, providing a profound opportunity for introspection and growth.

Your journey with us is designed to leave you utterly revitalized – a harmonious fusion of recharged energy, deep relaxation and a renewed zest for life. Feel the weight of stress melt away as you emerge from the retreat, poised to embrace your aspirations and embrace life’s fullest potential.

Our retreat is inclusive and welcoming to all. Every aspect of the retreat is tailored to your unique needs and aspirations, ensuring a transformative experience that propels you toward your personal growth.

Are you ready to step into a realm of profound wellbeing and transformation? Join us at our Energy-Balancing Wellness & Transformation Retreat and awaken the extraordinary within. Your journey awaits.

The ancestral ceremonies

Experience the extraordinary power of two distinct and powerful ancestral practices, exclusively available at our retreat, to enhance your wellbeing and transformation.

The Cacao Ceremony is a traditional Mayan ritual that uses the healing properties of cacao to open the heart and create a deeper sense of connection. Participants gather in a circle, drink a warm cup of cacao, and set their intentions for the ceremony. The experience is accompanied by music, chanting, and meditation, creating a serene and introspective atmosphere.

An Ayahuasca Ceremony (optional) is a shamanic ceremony that involves drinking a powerful brew made from the Ayahuasca vine and other sacred plants. The ceremony is led by a trained and experienced indigenous shaman, who guides participants through a deep and transformative journey. The purpose of the ceremony is to connect with the divine, to gain insight and clarity, and to heal and transform on a spiritual level. Ayahuasca is a potent medicine that can induce intense experiences, and should be approached with caution and respect.

All of these ceremonies offer unique opportunities for spiritual connection and personal growth, and can be deeply transformative experiences when done in the right setting and with the right guidance. Our retreat offers a powerful and life-changing guidance for those seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

About The Host
Marta and Megan Frye

Marta and Megan Frye

We are delighted to introduce you to Marta, an esteemed yoga professional with a Yoga Alliance RYT-500 certification. Marta’s impressive credentials also include being a Yoga Nidra facilitator, Reiki master, and a Tibetan singing bowl sound therapist. With a wealth of experience gained from teaching diverse yoga styles across the globe, Marta eagerly extends her warm invitation to join her amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Colombian Amazonas.

Hailing from Estonia and having cultivated her craft during extensive stays in Japan and Thailand. Marta’s enthusiasm for holistic well-being and personal development is both inspiring and infectious.

Throughout the retreat, Marta will expertly lead you on a personalized journey toward wellness, fostering growth and self-assurance along the way. Her nurturing approach and mastery of a wide range of practices promise to create an indelible and cherished retreat experience.

Megan Frye is an independent writer, translator, and Yoga Alliance-registered RYT200 yoga teacher living in Mexico. An eternal student of photography, astrology, music, and yoga, she came into hypnotherapy during the year of her Gemini nodal return. She’s the human behind Healing Wave Hypnosis.

You could say hypnotherapy is her B-side, but as any audiophile knows, the B-side is often the best side. Megan spends most of her time outdoors, on the road, and in loving theta with the world and beings around her.

She is honored to guide clients through therapeutic hypnosis, which she believes to be one of the most rapidly transformational healing modalities available. Her greatest teachers are nature, the subconscious mind, and those who fearlessly and compassionately embrace their shadow.

Things to keep in mind