Equine Yoga Teacher Program with Horses & Attuned Horsemanship Certification in Costa Rica

Sept 14 to Sept 24, 2024

Equine Yoga Teacher Program with Horses & Attuned Horsemanship Certification in Costa Rica
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Start a journey of self-change that improves your understanding of the Indian science of Yoga. Follow the paths of ancient Rishis and Gurus, using their knowledge to improve your life and find deeper meaning. This journey needs commitment, but it promises great rewards.

The 300-hour yoga teacher training course covers a wide range of topics including Tantra, Ayurveda, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga Nidra, advanced pranayama and meditation, advanced yoga poses, study of ancient texts, advanced anatomy, introduction to Sanskrit, mantra and mudras, and healing with horses through breath and meditation. The course aims to provide extensive knowledge for self-healing, deepen understanding of yoga philosophy and principles, enhance well-being, and promote a pathway to inner peace, mental clarity, and heightened spiritual awareness.

The foundation of our practice rests on Traditional Yoga Practices from India. We do more than just follow these practices; we study, understand, and practice their teachings, allowing them to inspire and guide us on our path to Self Realization. Our goal isn't just to learn but to become, to embody these teachings in our daily lives, bringing a sense of peace and fulfillment that extends beyond the yoga mat.

What You Will Explore

✹☾ Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Training

✹☾ Tantric Yoga: The 10 Wisdom Goddesses

✹☾ Yoga Nidra

✹☾ Ayurveda: The Elements, the Doshas, Ayurveda oil preparation, ghee preparation, Mantra & Pranayama Ayurvedic Healing

✹☾ Advanced Yoga Asana Mastery; Advanced Anatomy, Advanced Adjustments, Advanced Poses, Handstand workshops.

✹☾ Advanced Pranayama & Meditation

✹☾ Delving into the 5 Koshas

✹☾ Mantra Practice & Kirtan

✹☾ Study of the Ancient texts & scriptures: The Yoga Sutras & The Upanishads

✹☾ Mudras

✹☾ Intro to Sanskrit

✹☾ Satsangs

✹☾ Karma Yoga

✹☾ Sacred Equine Connection

Healing sanctuary and farm

In the heart of Costa Rica's Caribbean jungle, where the mystical energies of nature converge, Kindred Spirits invites you to embark on a profound odyssey of self-discovery and healing. Nestled amidst the lush tropics, our sanctuary offers an escape and a transformative experience that will reconnect you to your inner light and the essence of life.

Our programs are based on years of collective experience, studies, and observations by women who’ve come together. This retreat is hosted by Terry and led by Johanna, Enrica, and Jessica.  

The Pillar Teachings of The Program:

Tantra The 10 Wisdom Goddesses

Navigating The Realm of The 10 Tantric Wisdom Deities - 50 HRS 30 CONTACT + 20 NON-CONTACT

Join our transformative journey with Tantra: The 10 Wisdom Goddesses. Delve into the Right-handed Path of Tantra, connecting with the energy of the Ten Wisdom Goddesses for spiritual awakening, abundance, inner freedom, and deep intimacy. This course is aimed to reconnect both genders with the often neglected feminine energy in our consumer-driven world. Through practices like Mantra, visualizations, teachings, meditation, and stories, you'll connect with the Sacred Feminine, cultivating love, fearlessness, and mastery. Experience the world with skill, ease, and delight as you integrate these teachings into your daily life. Our focus is on celebrating life and guiding others towards joy and abundance.

Note: We don't teach the Left-handed Tantra Path which includes alcohol, meat, and sexual intimacy. Our teachings are focused on the Right-handed Path of Yoga and the transformative power of the Ten Wisdom Goddesses.

Ayurveda Essentials

A Gateway to Holistic Well-being- 50 HRS 30 CONTACT + 20 NON-CONTACT

Our 50-hour course provides a foundational understanding of Ayurveda, a timeless healing system. This comprehensive program equips you with self-healing techniques you can apply personally and share with loved ones. Delve into Ayurvedic principles, lifestyle therapies, and healing modalities. Gain an understanding of Ayurvedic Anatomy, Physiology, disease processes, and treatment modalities including diet, herbs, and meditation.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Deepening Mindfulness Through Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga - 50 HRS: 30 CONTACT HRS + 20 NON CONTACT HRS

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, a practice deeply rooted in ancient wisdom, carries a rich tradition and lineage. Devoting time to understand the profound philosophy and fascinating history behind Ashtanga Vinyasa not only enriches our comprehension of the practice but also deepens our appreciation of the art of yoga as a whole.

The essence of Ashtanga Vinyasa lies in the profound concentration and presence it demands throughout the entire practice. It insists on an undivided, continual focus on the rhythmic flow of your breath and the sensations within your body. This concentrated focus cultivates a state of mindfulness that extends beyond the yoga mat, permeating every aspect of daily life.

In consciously directing your attention in this manner during your Ashtanga Vinyasa practice, you invite an increased awareness of your inner self. This heightened awareness fosters a deeper understanding not just of oneself, but also of our relationship with the world around us. The wisdom and profound self-discovery that emerge from a dedicated practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga are among the many gifts it bestows.

Yoga Nidra

Serenity Unveiled: Yoga Nidra in the Heart of Eastern Traditions - 10 HRS

Yoga Nidra, an Eastern meditation practice, guides individuals to a state between waking and sleeping, transcending ordinary relaxation. Beyond physical postures, it dives into the mind and emotions, offering profound relaxation, mental clarity, and inner peace.

Yoga Nidra facilitates deep self-connection by rewiring the nervous system, eliminating negative patterns and stimulating cellular healing. It cultivates rejuvenation and growth in your Yoga practice and teaching profession.

About The Host


Originally from Canada, Terry found her heart rooted in the vibrant jungle life of Costa Rica in 1995. Back then, Cahuita was a tiny town with one public telephone - and Puerto Viejo wasn’t even on the map. For Terry, life had been filled with adventurous inspirational tales of travel, cultures, languages, foods, and leaping into the unknown. The decades of travel had shown her the best and worst of humanity, the love that transcended all cultural barriers, as well as the hate that could turn human hearts cold and violent. Most of all chaos, surrounded by dramatic family strife, alcoholism, abuse and depression - in hindsight, a collision of unresolved traumas mixed with a deep desire to love and be loved.

The beacon that guided Terry out of her darkest abyss was Yoga with Horses, a journey that began in 2013. As a woman experiencing the solitude of autonomy for the first time, after the dissolution of two marriages and the heartache of losing both parents, she found herself at the crossroads of life at the age of 50. No longer bound by the roles of a dutiful daughter and wife, she embarked on a quest for meaning and purpose. The realization dawned that there was a space waiting to be filled, a path yearning to be tread upon - a path leading to her own self, her unique purpose. It was through the practice of yoga and the serene companionship of horses that she discovered a haven from her trauma, a sanctuary where her spirit could heal and flourish. As well as the monumental strength to release her soul from the chains of generational cycles, to dare to really change, create new patterns and write her own story.

Terry's story is a testament to resilience, a narrative that echoes the transformative power of self-discovery and the healing essence of connection - not just with oneself but also with the vibrant energy of the natural world.

It's a journey that resonates with the desire within us all, to find the joyful love within.

Certified by Yoga Alliance: E-200 RYT 500-RYT.

Certified Yoga Therapist by IAYT.

Certified Metaphysical Energy Healer and Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner.

Yoga emphasis on: Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama and Yin.

Things to keep in mind