Hatha Flow Yoga Retreat in Ireland (August 2024)

Aug 9 to Aug 15, 2024

Hatha Flow Yoga Retreat in Ireland (August 2024)
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Hatha flow yoga retreat at The Burren.

6 nights luxury escape from Friday to Thursday, with top class yoga teacher Grainne O’Malley who will teach a variety of types of yoga this week.

Quality Hatha flow yoga retreat and meditation

Grainne teaches both Yoga flow, and also Yin yoga.  In her yoga flow classes  one’s focus is maintained on the breath, and coordinating the breath with the flowing movements. Grainne’s Yin yoga is more relaxing and restorative on this yoga flow and yin yoga retreat.

There is a meditation class in the morning and evening each day, and one of the benefits of our week-long retreats is that you can then take these practices home with you.

There is a lovely variety of classes on this Hatha flow yoga retreat with flow yoga and yin yoga classes as well as meditation and yoga nidra deep relaxation.

About The Host

Grainne teaches a flow yoga class and also Yin yoga. She has lovely soft energies and uses humor and love to bring you to an inner space of peace and acceptance

She is a very positive-minded teacher with a very supportive and caring way about her. Grainne has always found reward in helping people, making them feel comfortable, and attending to their needs.

She has been teaching yoga for over 12 years and acknowledges “every body” is so different, and she guides each person to their own level of ability.


Things to keep in mind