Key Of Nature: Embark On A Journey Of Body, Breath, and Heart in Guatemela

Mar 24 to Mar 31, 2024

Key Of Nature: Embark On A Journey Of Body, Breath, and Heart in Guatemela
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ROOTING - feel the earth - shape the malleable.

FLOW - glide in water - unfold the deep meaning.

TRANSFORM - sew the fire - honor growth.

TRUST - sensing the wind - choosing inspiration.

There is purpose and coherence in the way the elements conspire together to create life. Quietly whispers the gentle breeze, and the sea rushes profoundly. The spark of fire radiates its golden light, while the earth shrouds itself in powerful silence. The key to this alchemy is in the very nature we are part of.

The key of nature calls for the path of peace, connectedness, and boundlessness. Integrating the elements so their harmony resonates within, activating our potential as conscious creators of our reality. What is our pure enlivened nature, radiant and overflowing with possibility. This retreat is an invitation to explore yourself amongst the elements, to recall the essence of your being, deepen your roots and remember to soar.

The colorful mix

Over seven days, Kerstin - supported by Paul will guide you through a diverse mix of:
BODY movement * BREATH work * PRANA meditation
HEART experience * ENERGY balancing * HEALING ceremony

Inspires you to shed your layers and unite with your pure nature. This union is just the beginning. What we are awakening to is possibility. That potential that allows us to vibrate in harmony with what truly surrounds us. Detached from the fog of past experiences, we lift the veil. Sharpen our senses - rest in our being.

During a personal 1 to 1 energy reading/balance session you learn more about your energy field and your creative power.

What we share

This gathering is open for anyone on the path of rememberence and “embodyment of light from the soul”.

The willingness s to come to our deepest connection and truest expression from the heart. We have gathered our collection of experiences, to merge with the coming wave of life to make it the ultimate surf ride. A mixture of elements elaborating elixir.

Be part of this transformative experience where nature will be the first garde to discover and feel your living potential. In service of the life we are molding, from a peaceful place of strength and courage to take our unique responsibility in joyful authenticity.


The evolving moments

In addition to the daily yoga and movement sessions, you will immerse yourself in the field of energy, which will reveal a deeper understanding of the powerful balance of the ELEMENTS. Meditation and breathing open access to a natural connection that allows you to enter the flow of life with confidence. Together we dive into the space of healing and transformation, which unites us on a deep level with the inexhaustible abundance of our heart. Sufficient time for ourselves and excursions with like-minded people allow us to unwind. Culinary delights will unfold your senses and moments of well-being will allow you to immerse yourself in peace and relaxation.  In the evening, you can fill up on dreams and visions under the boundless expanse of the canopy of stars, revealing new perspectives and possibilities.

Ready to vibrate in harmony with the elements and awaken the spirit of naturalness within you?

About The Host
Kerstin and Paul

Kerstin and Paul

Kerstin - as a spirit coach, energy trainer, and yoga teacher, I have dedicated myself to life force. My passion is energy in motion. I wholeheartedly inspire YOU to embrace each of your unvarnished facets holistically. For me, life is a magical spectacle of imperfect perfection to be absorbed with every fiber and expressed through your natural uniqueness full of inspiration.

Paul - will assist Kerstin and the group during this journey, with his experience in healing and commitment to bringing good wood for the inner flame.


Things to keep in mind