Kung Fu and Tai Chi Camp in Canada

Aug 7 to Aug 10, 2024

Kung Fu and Tai Chi Camp in Canada
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During camp we focus on Kung Fu training for health, fitness and self defense, developing strength, endurance, speed, courage and power.

Learn about the 5 Animal Styles: Dragon cultivates spirit, Crane trains the sinews, Snake cultivates chi, Tiger trains the bones and Leopard develops strength.

Featured weapons: Sword (Chinese and Japanese styles), shurikens (throwing stars), staff – Bo, Nunchuks, Spear and archery.

A challenging obstacle course to test your abilities.

Dynamic training methods that will ignite your passion for Kung Fu and teach you effective self defense techniques.

Opportunity to cross train with internal styles like Tai Chi & Chi Kung (Qigong).

The human body is a combination of hard and soft elements and for optimum results, your training should reflect that in its practice. As the Yin/Yang symbol demonstrates a synthesis of hard and soft, internal and external, substantial and insubstantial all reveal important lessons. Opportunities for practicing both internal and external forms are available at the camp.


Each day begins with a 30 minute meditation by the beautiful Dragonfly Pond. Listen to the silence and detoxify your mind. Some of the meditation techniques practiced during the week include Microcosmic Circuit and the Nine Gates, all of which help you to focus, direct your energy and cultivate peace of mind.

During the daily lessons, plan on having interesting and mind-opening discussions on a variety of topics such as the Yin/Yang, chi, Fire Element which is in accordance with the Chinese Five Element Health System. Learn about the associated organs, meridians, diet, color, healing sound and exercises that go with the Fire Element for summer. You can also learn some of the movements of the dynamic Dragon form which is the style associated with the Fire Element.

About The Host
Sigung John Oliver Peel and Sifu Valerie Houston-Peel

Sigung John Oliver Peel and Sifu Valerie Houston-Peel

Sigung John Peel has been studying and researching many different styles of martial arts including Hungar, Wing Chun, Tai Chi Chuan, Aikido, Sword, and Ninjutsu since the early 1960s. He is a second-generation student of Yang Chen Fu and a student of Master Ho Shu Ying. Inspired by Bruce Lee, his style is enriched by the practice of the soft internal styles and he has a deep understanding of Chi, movement, combat strategy/tactics, the meditative mind, and philosophy. He states, “It has been my pleasure to guide many seekers into the path of spiritual enlightenment through the martial arts.”

Sigung John Peel is the author of the resourceful book “Tai Chi Journey.” He is a producer, writer, composer, director, actor, choreographer, painter, pilot, bonsai master, and co-founder of The National Martial Arts Theatre Company, and has starred in several acclaimed martial arts instructional videos/DVDs selling on the international market.

In 2009 Master Peel took home a gold medal for his Yang style Tai Chi form and a Silver for his Saber, the two categories in which he participated in the Canadian Tai Chi Open Championships.

Sifu ( teacher) Valerie, has been studying Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung, Meditation, weapons and spiritual study since 1982. She graduated in 1987 with her Black Sash in Kung and decided to focus more on teaching the internal arts for a while. Later she renewed her interest in the Kung Fu curriculum and was promoted to her Black Sash 4th level in 2023. Sifu Valerie teaches the children’s Kung Fu programs and specializes in Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung, Meditation, Tai Chi Sword forms, and Sabre. 

Over the years, Sifu Valerie has incorporated the Chinese Five Element Health System into her practice and teaches this in her group and private classes throughout Muskoka and beyond. She conducts corporate Health & Wellness seminars and Women’s Wellness Retreats and designs her programs to nourish mind, body soul and spirit in accordance with the seasons. 

She has seen many transformations in the lives of her students over the years. As VP and Co-owner of Temple Knights Productions, Sifu Valerie has also produced many instructional dvd’s, theatrical productions and is featured on several health and fitness DVD’s & downloads.

Things to keep in mind