Re-invent & Recharge with Breathwork, Yoga, Meditation and Vortex Activations in Sedona, Arizona

March 23 to March 27, 2024

Re-invent & Recharge with Breathwork, Yoga, Meditation and Vortex Activations in Sedona, Arizona
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Now is the time to heal And Empower yourself! Diane has given 98 retreats in 8 years & lovingly guided you on your journey. Each retreat location has a special “gift “, a special activation for each guest. The potent energies in the Sedona allow people to discover and accept their magnificent gifts & talents.The healing & awakening that is possible at a soul level here is profound. You could accomplish years of ” work ” in just 5 days. Diane’s 24 years of training with master yogis, master sound healers, Sacred ceremony with 3 of the Indigenious grandmothers, Thicht Nhat Hahn ,and Yogi Bhajan allows her to weave a true understanding of many tools to learn how to shift your energy .

Learn how to create your perfect health, wealth, relationships and home, by learning techniques to shift your own energy and connect with the “quantum field”.

4 Distinct Components:

High vibe yoga (kundalini yoga) Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls Sacred Ceremony (connect with the ancestors & the land) Ancient Meditations.

The meditation component alone is such a vital tool to our “new way of life”, post COVID 19.

Learning how to accept, adjust, process and re-invent is much easier when you have: a Teacher and a Method.

We share the methods of: silent meditation (to connect to the quantum self)
meditations to: release anxiety, release a habit, overcome self doubt, release blocks, balance your chakras and heal your body.


Kundalini Yoga is the ultimate breathwork.
Pranayama: Prana is life force and yama is control.
Your mastery of pranayama will allow you to master your own system.

Leilani incorporates a series of powerful breathwork into All of her retreats & private sessions. The sessions are customized. They are tailored to YOU. The powerful breathwork series includes: releasing emotions, open the nervous system, clear the chakras, and balance the brain.

The clearing is so potent you can literally be ready to receive a new imprinting of consciousness and accept a new BEING state that is in alignment with WHO you are now.

About The Host
Diane Cline, RYT

Diane Cline, RYT

Diane Cline, RYT, has taught yoga to over 7000 people and had several award winning dvd’s and CDs. She is also and experienced waterman and will guide our ocean adventures. We have something for everyone! All levels are welcome for both yoga and ocean activities.


Things to keep in mind