Open Water Swimming Adventure in Japan

Oct 13 to Oct 20, 2024

Open Water Swimming Adventure in Japan
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Plunge into a trip that will stimulate all your senses, feeding your mind with a world filled with tradition and beauty, modern technology may be growing and evolutionizing this country but Japan maintains centuries of history and culture infusing the two together to create an experience that you will find nowhere else in the world. From Tokyo’s thriving and busy city to the historic and majestic coast of the Izu Peninsula you will explore land and sea with a great swimming holiday that will show you great part of this string of Islands as well as let you enjoy some great swimming as part of a water based holiday or training program individualized to your specific level of fitness to help prepare you for the next level of your swimming goals. 

About The Host

During your group trip with us, our dedicated leaders take on multifaceted responsibilities to ensure a well-rounded and enriching experience. Serving as itinerary navigators, they assist with travel logistics during the trip. In the water, their guidance is tailored to the group's skill level, leading swims that range from exploring swim trails to discovering coastal landscapes. Safety remains a top priority, with leaders implementing vigilant measures and protocols for a secure and enjoyable swim. Beyond logistics and safety, our leaders are instrumental in building a sense of community and fostering connections among participants and locals that extend beyond the trip. In essence, our leaders play a crucial role in setting the tone for each day's adventure, transforming your swim journey into a comprehensive and unforgettable swim trip experience.