Paradise Wellness Retreat in Bali, Indonesia

Mar 1 to Mar 9, 2024

Paradise Wellness Retreat in Bali, Indonesia
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During this all-inclusive retreat, we will have a private guide for our group only. He will take us all around the island. Please note there are excursion planned most all days but everything is completely optional. If there is every a day you wish to stay back and relax, please do what you would like for your vacation. While Bali is beautiful, the traffic can be bad and the time in the car can be long. Some people may decide to skip out on a planned excursion and that is totally fine.

We will be staying at the same hotel for the duration of the retreat so you only have to pack once. No vaccines are needed to enter Indonesia. You can purchase your visa on arrival. They will accept USD, local currency, or card for the visa.

Please note that everything is completely optional. The itinerary is subject to change due to weather. This retreat is a little more active as we have a lot of excursions planned but we hope to provide you with a nice mixture between relaxation and excursions. Please also note that the retreat officially starts on the first day at the welcome dinner and ends after breakfast on the last day.

On this all-inclusive luxury wellness retreat, you will stay in a 5-star centrally located hotel. You will enjoy daily excursions and wellness activities. There will be a mixture of adventure with relaxation to ensure you return home relaxed and rejuvenated. 

A little about Bali...

No island has enchanted travelers quite like Bali. Smaller than Hawaii’s big island, Bali packs countless adventures into one small package. Dazzling beaches beckon the sun seekers and surfers along the island’s southwest coast, while ancient temples and a thriving wellness scene draw travelers inland to Ubud. It’s the kind of place where hedonists, relaxation-seekers, and ecotourists can all find something to enjoy, from wild nightclubs in Seminyak and Kuta to luxury clifftop hotels in Nusa Dua to the pristine jungles and volcanic landscapes of the island’s north.

About The Host
Amy Walker

Amy Walker

Amy Walker, MSW, LCSW, CCM, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. When Amy is not leading international retreats, she works as an online mental health therapist. Amy is passionate about helping individuals and couples work through barriers and find new ways to communicate, connect, and thrive. In addition, Amy loves international travel, wine tasting, whale watching, and the outdoors. Amy works alongside her husband, Brian Walker, to run the wellness retreats.


Things to keep in mind