Renew Your Spirit: A Transformative Workshop in Joshua Tree, USA

May 2 to May 6, 2024

Renew Your Spirit: A Transformative Workshop in Joshua Tree, USA
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Your desert dream awaits you...

Ladies, you know that moment when you shut off your alarm, take a deep breath, and think, "There's got to be more than this?" Well, there is! Imagine being nestled in the energy vortex of Joshua Tree, surrounded by women who just get it. With the guidance of experienced healers and coaches, you'll discover and explore the parts of yourself that have been waiting to shine.

Whether it's through dreamy reiki sessions, transformational workshops, sitting in ceremony, or simply quiet moments of reflection beneath the ancient Joshua Trees, this retreat will empower you to embrace your highest self, loud and proud! You'll walk away not only feeling refreshed and energized but also brimming with a newfound sense of purpose and self-love. It's more than a retreat; it's a leap towards the best version of you. So, are you ready to leap?


Our retreats provide an ideal setting for you to connect with your intuition. Through meditation, nature, mindfulness, reflection, community, and creative expression, we create an environment for you to deepen your self-awareness, trust your inner guidance, and make more aligned choices in your life.


Our retreats offer the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your body through movement. Whether it's hiking amidst breathtaking landscapes, flowing through rejuvenating yoga sessions, or letting loose with energizing dance, we'll have an option that aligns best for you!


Our retreats serve as sacred spaces that gently guide us back to the depths of our souls. In this sacred space, we rediscover our passions, dreams, and the innate wisdom that lives within us! You can also expect to connect with others at a deep soul level and meet your soul tribe.

What to expect?

Anything from sound baths, to plant medicine ceremonies, transformative workshops, photoshoots, singing, painting, astrology readings, reiki, cacao ceremonies, meditation, tarot card readings, hiking, and other outdoor activities (rock climbing, surfing, skiing, etc.), new friends, and a whole lotta laughs.

Who is this retreat for?

Is between ages 30-39

Is ready for deep transformation

Loves all things magic, spirituality, and source consciousness

Desires to dive deeper into their spiritual and self-development practices

Feels like they are on the edge of a breakthrough, but feels stuck

Is ready to fully commit to themselves

Has an abundance mindset

Is going through a life shift

Is seeking guidance, to be seen, held, and supported

Is calling in sisterhood and lifelong connections

Authentic and acts with integrity

Not afraid to invest in themselves and their future

Loves to travel and explore

Loves to be in nature

Good vibes, fun, and open-minded

Desires to become the most empowered and aligned version of themselves!

About The Host
Kim Roach and Kristin Simon

Kim Roach and Kristin Simon

Kim Roach

Certified Life & Soul Purpose Coach (ICF). Sound Healer. Meditation Guide. Breathwork Facilitator. Psychonaut. EFT Practitioner. Certified Hypnotherapist. NLP Practitioner. CEO and Founder. World Citizen. Multidimensional Being.

Kristin Simon

Founder, Pink Neon Lips & Salt Air Jewelry. Digital Nomad. Photographer & Videographer. Reiki Master. Professional Stylist. Social Media Expert. Human Design Reader in training.

Things to keep in mind