Sacred Whale Retreat in Australia

Aug 25 to Aug 29, 2024

Sacred Whale Retreat in Australia
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Best Seller

Embark on an exclusive journey with Letina as she shares her unique connection with the Whales with you.

This magical bond not only attracts the Whales but also creates extraordinary, otherworldly experiences for you. This unparalleled connection is an experience you won't find anywhere else, offering you a one of a kind, life changing encounter with these majestic beings.

Discover the impact of our extended retreats, featuring a live online component designed to fully prepare you to embrace the meaningful gifts from the Whales.

Find the missing piece to your mastery

Harmonize your professional growth with your innate spiritual wisdom, and know the fullness of your unique brilliance.

Experience real and lasting healing

Learn to inhabit your sacred heart space and gently uncover the challenging truths that have been sapping your energy to heal. Swim in the clear slipstream of the Whales, release these energetic patterns and reclaim your vitality.

Manifest your wonderful life now

Learn the special technique that blends your unique brilliance with your intentions. Unlock the skill of manifesting your dream creations now, using your own highly elevated emotions.

Unify your spiritual and professional self

Show up authentically and purposefully every day, know your valuable contributions, and cease the tug of war between your spiritual essence and your professional pursuits.

Unravel your tangled body

Unravel the physical tension in your body as you walk in full alignment with your greatest purpose, and learn the art of integrating all aspects of self into your heart.

Created your heart centered workplace

Experience a seamless blend of the mystical and the practical with spiritual tools that enrich your daily life, elevate your professional journey, and create a pathway for you to remain in your heart center all day.

Ignite your creative power

Powerfully shift your soul compass towards your own North Star, by invigorating your unique difference with inner knowing, deep wisdom and personal dreaming.

About The Host


Internationally renowned for her multi-dimensional communication with the majestic whales, Letina Russell is not only a medium and healer – she's a bridge to the extraordinary consciousness of the Whale Unity Heart.

Passionate about cultivating communities led by heart-centered women who fearlessly speak their truths, Letina's retreats promise lasting transformation. Together with the Whales, Letina is dedicated to your growth and continuous awakening.

As a sought-after speaker on heart-centered living, awakening, and ascension
Letina has graced platforms for Ariya Lorenz, Cari Murphy, Lauren Galey, The Awake TV Network, and Dr. Amber Wolf of the Lemurian Sisterhood.

With over 250 Sacred Circles worldwide, Letina possesses a unique gift for creating and maintaining sacred spaces that allow you to authentically BE. Whether in-person or connecting across continents via Zoom, Letina's quantum, in-the-moment guidance delicately addresses collective needs while, with divine precision, identifies the soul's deepest requirements for profound healing.

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