Running & Yoga Camp in Warrensburg, NY

Jul 18 to Jul 21, 2024

Running & Yoga Camp in Warrensburg, NY
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We offer classes in yoga, core strength, balance and drills, and other activities. Dippikill Pond is a popular spot at camp for swimming, kayaking, and canoeing. We have seminars on such topics as stretching and nutrition, and have even offered Arts and Crafts, granola ball making (yes, a nutritious, high-energy snack), and dance classes!

Each night at camp offers something special, from live music to S'mores by a fire and, of course, our well-known Talent Show that is always a highlight for many.

What's a typical camper?

Campers typically range in age from mid 20s to mid 70s, of various running abilities. The "most common" camper is a woman between 30 and 55 who averages around 10.5 minutes per mile, but yes, each year our demographics represent a truly diverse group who are joined, above all else, not by the speed at which they run, but their shared love for being active. Walkers are welcome.

In addition, we typically have a few campers each year who are non-runners, attending to enjoy the entire atmosphere and ample non-running activities. While you certainly will maximize your experience by being able to attend the runs, if you're simply looking for a weekend away with varying types of exercise opportunities - or even just to relax - this is a superb opportunity to do so.

About The Host

We are a fun-loving group of people who completely are the sport, putting on runs, and races, and occasionally seen wandering around town in costumes.


Things to keep in mind