Soul Vortex Retreat With Sedona Excursion in Arizona, USA

Oct 16 to Oct 20, 2024

Soul Vortex Retreat With Sedona Excursion in Arizona, USA
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Escape the chaos of daily life with a rejuvenating 5-day retreat amidst the tranquil Arizona Desert. Immerse yourself in the natural wonder of Sedona's captivating vortexes for a transformative journey of self-discovery and relaxation. Picture yourself beginning each day with guided meditation among towering red rock formations, followed by exhilarating hikes through breathtaking desert landscapes. Afternoons offer gentle yoga sessions aimed at fostering inner peace and harmony. As the sun sets, embrace the serenity of your surroundings while reflecting on the profound insights gained during this enriching experience. Whether you seek spiritual enlightenment or simply crave renewal, this retreat guarantees to leave you feeling revitalized, inspired, and deeply connected to the world around you.

Harnessing the energy of Arizona's vortexes, this retreat invites the possibility of a soul-stirring awakening. Prepare for a liberating transformation where clarity reigns supreme, illuminating every aspect of your being. Through yoga, meditation, invigorating hikes, nourishing cuisine, Sedona Excursions, and enlightening workshops, you'll feel your soul igniting, shedding negativity, and radiating light outward.

Embark on a transformative 5-day journey merging the healing powers of the Arizona Desert Vortexes, rejuvenating yoga, exhilarating hikes, and soul-nurturing meditation. Explore Sedona's stunning landscapes on a day trip designed to elevate your spiritual voyage. This retreat presents a rare chance to commune with nature, rejuvenate body and mind, and tap into the sacred energies of this hallowed ground. Join us for an enriching experience that will leave you feeling replenished, centered, and deeply reconnected.

When your soul awakens, you dwell in Truth. Inspiring others by your example, you become a beacon of change. Fearlessness becomes your ally as the awakening soul breaks the chains of limitation. Confidence, peace, love, compassion, courage, trust, and intuition blossom within, revealing your true essence.

About The Host


Lana started her training in yoga and wellness over 25 years ago. She specializes in prenatal yoga and yoga for anxiety and depression. She has also been a doula since 2002 and helped support over 400 new mamas and babies come in to the world.

She earned a Master’s degree in Counseling and Psychological Services from St. Mary’s University – Undergrad at NDSU and U of M. She also has certifications as a hypnotherapist (specialty in Past Life Regression and pain management) and is a Healing Touch Practitioner. She has also studied with Deepak Chopra at The Chopra Center as a Perfect Health (Ayurveda) Instructor and Primordial Sound Meditation teacher completing her wellness education as a Vedic Master. Lana also has earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and after more than 15 years of training and teaching she has earned ranks as high as 4th degree black (Master Level)

In her previous life she worked in Human Resources and Employee Assistance for 22 years for a company serving people with developmental disabilities and mental illness.

In her spare time, she raised two boys who are now grown and her significant other is Mark Royce and they have owned several businesses together including TITLE Boxing Club in Coon Rapids, Rogers and Arden Hills, STRIKE Fitness and Yoga. She LOVES her dog Bodhi (Sanskrit for the enlightened one) who is a pitbull boxer mix.

Favorite food? Sushi all day long!!

Favorite music? Depends – can go from AC/DC to Trevor Hall to sound healing bowls

Favorite reminder about life? Busy is in the mind.


Mark has dedicated most of his adult life to studying, training, and teaching martial arts. He has earned black belts in Sport Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung fu, & MMA. With more than 35 years as a martial arts instructor. He has focused on MMA training & teaching over the past 16 years and also close combat martial arts. Mark has trained more than 10,000 students. He has an extensive knowledge in fighting training & in health and fitness.

His passion for martial arts developed in high school after a personal attack/assault left him with permanent injuries, Mark began training in multiple styles of martial arts.

Mark holds a BS in Business Management. An entrepreneur that has started several successful businesses over the past 30 + years. Including a security company, janitorial service company, travel business, nutritional supplements, multiple martial arts schools, gyms, fitness centers, and more.