Swimmer's Experience in Montenegro

Sept 22 to Sept 28, 2024

Swimmer's Experience in Montenegro
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Swimming in the fjords of Montenegro is a transcendent experience that marries the rugged grandeur of the Adriatic coastline with the pristine beauty of fjord landscapes. The fjords, notably the Bay of Kotor, offer a dramatic setting for aquatic exploration. As swimmers navigate the cool, crystalline waters, they are surrounded by towering mountains that plunge dramatically into the sea, creating an awe-inspiring backdrop.

The fjords' deep blue hues, framed by lush greenery and charming coastal villages, add a sense of serenity to the swim. Exploring hidden coves and secret inlets, swimmers encounter a unique blend of saltwater and freshwater, as mountain streams trickle into the fjords, creating pockets of refreshing coolness. Each stroke becomes a rhythmic dance between the untamed beauty of nature and the invigorating embrace of the Adriatic.

You can bring your wetsuit or swim ‘skins’, but in either case you can be assured of some amazing pool and open-water swimming experiences in this fabulous part of the world!

About The Host


Paul is a renowned swim coach, an inspiring mentor, and a passionate advocate for aquatic excellence. His relentless dedication to the sport of swimming has not only helped countless athletes achieve their goals but has also elevated his own status as one of the most influential figures in the swimming community. With a wealth of experience, a profound understanding of technique, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Paul has left an indelible mark on the world of competitive swimming and triathlon.


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