Trail Run Tour in Crete, Greece

Sept 3 to Sept 10, 2024

Trail Run Tour in Crete, Greece
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Trail type: Best of Western Crete - technical and rocky underfoot.

Total distance: 110km (approx)

Total ascent: approx 5,000M ascent - stunning inland mountains and the southern coastal E2 trail

Highlights: The Crete trail run tour offers seven runs over eight days covering up to 110km exploring the western region of Crete, an ancient island known for its mythology, hidden beaches, coves and coastlines, deep gorges, and mountain ranges that soar up from sea level to azure skies.

Highest point: 2453m - Pachnes (2nd highest mountain in Crete)

Difficulty: 15-25km days on rocky terrain (run when you can, hike fast when you can’t)

Trip duration trail: 8days/7nights

On trail total: 7 days

About The Host
Chris Ord

Chris Ord

As a longstanding journalist in the adventure media, and editor of the southern hemisphere trail running title, Trail Run Mag, my worldview had been slightly warped and imprinted with the lie that adventure requires, nee demands, deprivation. Hurt. Pain. The leering threat of death. I mean, where was the story, otherwise?

"Luxury" was what the "other" travelers did. The ones who weren't really experiencing the gristle of life. Yep, in my blinkered adventure-type life, luxury was the antithesis of experience. But I was so very, very wrong and an encroaching fortieth birthday opened up my mind to possibility: luxury without adventure may be dull, worthless, empty fun; but bookend onto adventure some sumptuous luxe - or at the very least a damn fine Shiraz, or perhaps Syrah if trail running in France – and you have an exquisite marriage that may just last into your octogenarian years.

And so the seed was sown. The result is our primo collection of adventure running experiences - tours and events - that are like no other. I make no apologies for the extravagant, whimsical, and wonderful nature of these dreams.


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