Transform and Transcend: A Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Brazil

Jul 6 to Jul 14, 2024

Transform and Transcend: A Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Brazil
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Cacao ceremonies, breathwork workshops, kundalini & hatha yoga, workout & chakra dance, daily meditation, mantra healing circles, Brazilian dance, mud ceremony with Brazilian shaman, water ritual, visit to the tropical rain forest and indigenous tribe, environmental education, SUP, surf, vegan and organic food straight from the land, community and lots of love and nature!

By coming along on this journey you are helping to support Brazil's only Eco village retreat, we will be giving back a percentage of the sales to Unah Piracanga center and surrounding indigenous communities. 

Nourish your body with healthy naturally detoxing meals. 

Optional daily yoga sessions, sound journeys, breath work, and education.

Lots of free time to enjoy extra activities or just enjoy relaxing and restoring.

A chance to move the body and celebrate this life with community and dance.

Daily workshops and ceremonies for you to connect deeper both within and outwardly.

Piracanga is the largest Ecovillage in Brazil. It is a Holistic center for transforming experiences that welcomes visitors from all over the world. Hidden in the beauty of nature, this retreat offers an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and the environment around you. This will be a chance to relax into the sounds of the jungle, swim in the healing waters of our mother rivers and ocean. The perfect backdrop to diving into your own inner world and restoring the mind, body and soul.

You will have the option to join in daily yoga classes, meditation, dance, sound journeys, breath work journeys, and wellness education sessions to promote overall well-being. You'll also have plenty of free time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, whether you want to surf the waves, dance under the stars, get a massage, or simply relax and restore.

Over the course of the retreat, you will have the chance to join in 8 ceremonies. Some of the ceremonies options include, Breath Work, Cacao Ceremony, Sacred Earth Ceremony, Fire Ceremony, Mud ceremony with Brazilian shaman, sweat lodge and more.

About The Host
Dallas Mckenzie and Clarice Winicki

Dallas Mckenzie and Clarice Winicki

Dallas Mckenzie, is a breathwork facilitator, sound practitioner, and wellness event host. She has gathered her tools and knowledge over the last decade to connect and understand the inner and outer worlds more deeply. Passionate about the power of breath, the life source that we all have, and the breath she believes connects us all to each other and the world around us. Combining her years of study at the Globe Institute of Sound Healing, and Alchemy of Breath School, she uses Sound therapy, Breath techniques, Plant medicine, aromatherapy, and movement to create a safe space for your inner exploration and pass down tools to help you regulate your own emotional compass. Traveling is one of her favorite tools for reflection and deeper self-learning through the help of nature and other cultures. She looks forward to connecting with you in the heart of nature where the river meets the ocean, at the beautiful eco-retreat of Piracanga Ecovillage.

Clarice Winicki is a native Brazilian and grew up in a small town near Rio de Janeiro in the middle of the Atlantic rain Forest. Throughout her childhood, Clarice spent her summers in Bahia with her family on a farm surrounded by Cacao trees, and from an early age, this medicinal plant was already part of her journey. Clarice has studied spirituality since she was a child. Always curious about the subject, she investigated and integrated various practices and religions into her life in Brazil until she decided to chart her own path.

She lives in California and combines energetic and spiritualistic practices through Kundalini Yoga, Breathwork, Cacao Ceremonies, Crystal therapy, and Shamanism uniting Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual. She is a Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher certified level 1 & 2 by KRI in New Mexico, a Crystal Mentor Therapist, and a Cacao ceremony facilitator.

Today Clarice customizes individual or corporate sessions, integrating all these medicines and all her experience over the years.

Things to keep in mind