Vinyasa And Yin Yoga And Meditation Retreat in Ireland (2024)

Mar 15 to Mar 18, 2024

Vinyasa And Yin Yoga And Meditation Retreat in Ireland (2024)
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3 nights luxury escape from Friday to Sunday, with top class yoga teacher Carmel Cronin who will teach Vinyasa flow and also Yin yoga and meditation this weekend.

Quality yoga and meditation retreat 

Carmel teaches both Vinyasa flow and Yin yoga. In her vinyasa flow classes, one’s focus is maintained on the breath, and coordinating the breath with the flowing movements. Carmel’s Yin yoga is more relaxing and restorative.

The flow class in the morning will start with Pranayama (breath practise) to ground and center followed by Vinyasa flow sequences- Vinyasa means movements with breath making Yoga essentially a breath focused movement practise or moving meditation.

Poses will be taught from foundational level up with sound anatomical principles so new students can work safely to explore or more experienced students can deep their practise.

Sequences will flow from simple to more energetic – this class will tone, strengthen and increase flexibility.

The class in the morning will be more energising and in the afternoon more relaxing on this yoga and meditation retreat. 

Carmel’s soothing voice will encourage each person to challenge themselves in a safe way while she keeps an eye on each person to ensure you are practicing correctly.

The Yin class will consist of long held seated poses where poses will be held typically held for 2 to 4 mins to access the body’s connective tissue. This stretches and tones ligaments, joint capsules, tendons, bones and all the body’s fascia preventing inflammation and improving mobility.

There is a meditation class in the morning and evening each day, and one of the benefits of our week-long retreats is that you can then take these practices home with you.  A lovely combination of classes, outing and amazing vegetarian food on this yoga and meditation retreat.

About The Host

Carmel has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 20 years and is originally from Limerick.

She has travelled extensively and lived in South Africa, UK and Paris before setting roots with her family in Cork where she now runs her own yoga studio.

Carmel first came across yoga when she was in college and enjoyed the open feeling in the body and also the way the breath can bring one’s awareness inwards.

She was fortunate to also be interested in meditation from an early age, and later went on to study Transcendental Meditation and found the stress relieving benefits of meditation to be life transforming.

In 2002, Carmel undertook her first 200 hour yoga teacher training course, and later went on to complete a Diploma in Yoga Therapy with the YTTC.


Things to keep in mind