Yin Inspired Hatha Yoga Weekend And Meditation in Ireland

Apr 5 to Apr 7, 2024

Yin Inspired Hatha Yoga Weekend And Meditation in Ireland
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Treat yourself to this quality Yin inspired hatha yoga weekend at The Burren.

2 nights luxury escape from Friday to Sunday, with top class yoga teacher Niamh Daly who will teach Yin inspired hatha yoga and meditation this weekend.

Quality yin inspired hatha yoga weekend

Niamh teaches Yin Inspired hatha yoga, which brings to the fore the central principles of Yin; compassion; softening; letting enough be enough; and permission to adapt and support as you uncover your body’s needs.

Her classes bring you back to the breath and the present moment. Sensing the body and how you feel on all levels as you sink deeper into the postures and allowing one’s experience to simply unfold, rather than trying to achieve or push oneself too hard.

Niamh has a great ability to guide your awareness inwards on this yin inspired hatha yoga weekend.

Niamh then uses this inner awareness to subtly guide each person through the practice. She does this with a lightness and a sense of humour so that her classes are enjoyable as well as relaxing. She encourages each person to be compassionate with themselves, and not to force or strain or over-achieve, but instead to let go, tune inwards and to be guided by their own intuitive layers of their being.

There is a meditation class in the morning and evening each day, and one of the benefits of our week-long retreats is that you can then take these practices home with you.

About The Host

Niamh is a 500 hr advanced Yoga Teacher who has been teaching since 2001 and has been teaching yoga since 2004.

She has a lovely easygoing personality and takes the time with each person to ensure they understand the practices and also encourages each person in a wonderful way to reach their own potential.

She is passionate about helping people to start a home practice as she believes Yoga and Meditation are invaluable tools for life, an inner journey that we grow and expand with for the rest of our lives.

Niamh has completed a number of yoga teacher training and teaches vinyasa classes, Bikram hot yoga, Yogalates, Hatha yoga, and also meditation.


Things to keep in mind