Yoga and Hiking Experience in Isle of Skye, Scotland (September Edition)

Sept 14 to Sept 20, 2024

Yoga and Hiking Experience in Isle of Skye, Scotland (September Edition)
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One of the most famous landmarks on the island is the Old Man of Storr (above) a huge rock formation that towers over the landscape and provides stunning views. The island is also home to the Fairy Pools, crystal-clear pools and waterfalls that look like something out of a fairy tale.

There are Lochs and, being an island, it is obviously surround by the sea. There are also mountains every which way you look. There is the old man of Storr, The Quairaing, the red Cuillin and the stunning Black Cuillin ridge that runs for a staggering 8 miles across its high ridge which dominates the landscape on the south/mid of the island. The property that we shall be staying in is right on the waters edge so for those brave enough for wild swimming they can dip right outside the doorstep.

We will hike around parts of the island that are off the beaten track - that the majority of tourists miss altogether. Old abandoned villages, secret nooks and cranny’s; hidden gems that most people pass by on the tourist path. Having a central base we can access some pretty amazing spots - you will really get to experience the magic that this island beholds.

Whether you're interested in stunning landscapes, fascinating history, or just want to enjoy some Scottish hospitality, our retreat Is a must.

The food will be amazing nutritious and delicious! We are passionate about healthy, nutritious food that will tickle your taste buds. The meals will be mostly vegetarian with the chance to try some local cuisine also.


There are endless hikes around the Isle of Skye and the views are glorious. The scenery is quite simply breathtaking and your eyes will widen with every corner turned.

About The Host


A rose by any other name would smell as sweet..... After nearly 11 years of practice, Laura Grace left the Ashtanga Vinyasa 'label' of practicing yoga. Still follows the method and sequence but as set out by her inner teacher and not an external one. After the Ashtanga world was rocked, after injuring herself over and over by trying to force a method that did not work for her body, after being hurt by adjustments that worked against her body and not with it, after giving her authority away one too many times..... she left. Quietly and contently. She went her own way......

When she realized that you can still keep practicing and following what you believe in. When she realized it was her practice and no one else's. When she understood that she knew her body and what was going on with it better than any other teacher. When she reclaimed her yoga practice exactly as it was.....

She finally realized that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.....

Laura is now a certified non-traditional, non-dogmatic, non-rule orientated leader of her yoga... and she teaches people to do the same. To BE their teacher.

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