Yoga and Hiking Trip in Nepal

March 13 to March 27, 2024

Yoga and Hiking Trip in Nepal
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The combination of these 2 experiences, yoga and hiking, will challenge you but will also bring you closer to yourself than you have ever been. Every day we will practice yoga. The program is filled with vinyasa yoga sessions to kick start the day ,soothing yin classes and guided meditations.

We start our trip in Nepal's vibrant capital Kathmandu. After indulging in Hindu culture and city life we leave for the mountains. We will walk the Tamang Heritage Trail. This trek will take us deep into the area of the Tamang people, a Tibetan ethnic group of Nepal.

For 6 days we will walk through rural Buddhist villages and valleys, over wild rivers and mountain passes. We will live & eat with the Tamang people and sleep in their villages.

After this adventure we head to Chitwan National Park where we will channel our inner Mowgli while looking for elephants, rhinos, crocodiles, and if you are lucky a Bengal tiger. We will also take time to rest and recover from our hike.

We will end our trip in Bhaktapur, famous for its art & architecture. This place is perfect to go souvenir hunting before heading home.

About The Host

This retreat was created from an intrinsic desire to share yoga with as many people as possible. The word yoga is translated as unity or connection. Yoga is a feeling you get when you do things that align with who you really are. The whole system, from philosophy to asana to Ayurveda and more, offers us tools for self-study. On and off the mat. Because the practice doesn't stop when you step off the mat. You can find this feeling in everything you do. In everyone you meet. Yoga is everywhere and for everyone!

Things to keep in mind